Global Street Trend: Be a Part of the Latest Obsession!

So many people have been wondering about what to buy for themselves. And everyone has been chasing trends only to know that they are outdated and that what they are wearing has become irrelevant now. Meanwhile, forget about florals in the spring, as the biggest influence on the season’s designs is vintage sportswear.

Off the runway, varsity jackets and ubiquitous Adidas Stan Smiths dominated local street style. Taking a glance further afield and everyone will notice that one piece has popped up as the final athletic throwback, and the Chicago Bulls jersey has popped up on the backs of style-setters from Paris to Hong Kong this year alone.

Relating Street Style and One’s Personality

Everyone wants to get something that they can proudly show as part of their personality. And, who doesn’t like showing off what they love, especially when it comes to fancy clothing? Wouldn’t everyone become super happy when finding a piece of clothing that very proudly resembles their soul nature and is also quite in trend and loved by others? It is a dream come true when someone is authentically themselves while being relevant and celebrated by everyone!

How Did the Bulls Jersey Join and Take Over the Global Trend?

The Bulls have been a crucial part of basketball history, and everyone looks up to them and appreciates how they play. People hold this team with the highest respect, and everyone cheers the Chicago Bull and intensely follows their matches every time, all around the world alike. The Bulls exemplify a certain nineties bravado, which street style stars all across the world are trying to recreate, thanks to Michael Jordan and all those six NBA championships. Hence, there would not be a single person who does not love purchasing merchandise sold by these fantastic players and this absolutely stunning club!

The Chicago Bulls Jersey gained popularity and is in trend, especially since 2019. This global trend initially started two years ago in Los Angeles by the renowned singer and actor Miley Cyrus. This trend later quickly spread all the way east to London and was popularised by Jourdan Dunn, and it is now popularly found in Harajuku’s back streets. The aesthetic of this trend is vintage streetwear, and it is undeniably cool, whether worn with a red fur pudgy or a matching Bulls flying jacket. For spring, the renowned cult Korean label Beyond Closet launched a parody—“Bully”, not Bulls—and Seoul’s street fashion mafia has seized the concept with tiny, adorable jerseys.

Why Do Many People Prefer Wearing Jerseys?

There is a multitude of reasons why people love wearing jerseys and why jerseys never run out of trend. So, here are three advantages of owning and wearing a jersey:

  1. The comfort and ease of wearing a jersey: It is needless and not required to mention just how comfortable jerseys can be. They are made of super breathable materials that are perfect for a person’s skin to feel fresh throughout the day.
  2. The expense of a jersey: Jerseys aren’t unreasonably expensive, and many companies deliver high-quality fabric and material jerseys that look very trendy at quite a reasonable price.
  3. Casual and popular jerseys: One of the biggest pros of a jersey is that it looks effortless and casual, and yet, they are one of the few clothing items that are all-time in high demand. They never run out of style, and one doesn’t have to be a fan of the Bulls to wear a Chicago Bulls jersey; anyone can wear any jersey at all, even if they know nothing about the sport.

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