Good aliens, female fights without rules and the last dragons: Digest online prime minister of the week

“Raya and the last dragon”

Brave Raya must leave her native Kumandra to find the last dragon in the world. Once these creatures lived side by side with people, but this wonderful time is over. The faithful friend Tuk-Tuk will help in the search for Raya. Only together they will be able to defeat the evil enemy responsible for the death of dragons – the powerful Druun.

In the new Disney project about good, evil and forgiveness, animation(Black Bullet Season 2) and action scenes were again at their best – exactly what the audience loves the studio’s films for. The cartoon received accolades from critics around the world, who compared it to Princess Mononoke and even Indiana Jones .

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“Mortal Kombat”

The fighter Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a descendant of the famous Japanese ninja, goes to the temple of Lord Raiden, the protector of the Earth kingdom. There, he will train with the best warriors, Liu Kang and Kong Lao, to one day face the Outworld Emperor Shang Tsung in the final tournament.

Australian debut Simon McQuoid was entrusted with the filming of the film based on the iconic video game series, and James Wan ( Saw: A Survival Game , Aquaman and Fast and Furious 7 ) is listed among the producers of the film . Prior to that, McQuyid had gotten a handle on the set of commercials and commercials for Call of Duty and Halo. The director paid little attention to past film adaptations of the game and put realism at the fore. The action scenes were filmed in Australia and, remarkably, with minimal use of CGI.

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Stella Murphy (Christine Woods) is an experienced detective who takes on the most difficult cases. Returning from vacation, she embarks on another investigation. The body of a woman who died in a fire was found in an abandoned warehouse. Only there was not a single fire for kilometers around. Stella learns that the deceased lived with her daughter Nori (Karen Fukuhara) and her elderly mother. A conversation with the old woman does not give anything, but soon Stella learns another important detail: Nori has a strange power that defies logical explanation.

The debut full-length footage of videographer Joe Silla (he previously shot videos for Tesla and Nike in Northern Rescue Season 2) turned out to be visually strong. Optional, but nice knowledge: the movie poster was made by Egyptian artist Ahmed Emad Al-Din, the same one who created the cover of the latest Pink Floyd album.

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“Asocial network”

Once upon a time, Ross Ulbricht (Nick Robinson) was a physics and book trader, but that is all in the past. Now he has a million dollar fortune, and all thanks to one brilliant idea that once came to the guy’s head. Once he realized that the darknet needs his own Amazon, and began to sell weapons on its open spaces. But the guy did not expect that there will always be a superhero for any supervillain.

The thriller by Tiller Russell is based on the very real biography of the founder of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht, who has been serving a life sentence since 2015 for a solid list of crimes: drug trafficking, money laundering and hacker attacks. The role of the main virtual villain of our time was played by Nick Robinson, the star of the unusual rom-com “With Love, Simon.”

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Malik (Samson Kae) is an inveterate bachelor who works as an ambulance paramedic. In his spare time, he maintains a video blog that has absolutely no success. And then, in addition to the frustration of lack of popularity, his constant partner quits his job. In his place is appointed Wendy (Jane Horrocks), who is the complete opposite of Malik. She is good-natured and loves to chat, twice the young man’s age and recently broke up with her husband. It seems that the new couple has no chance of working together. But time will tell.

The comedy about the everyday life of paramedics was directed by William Sinclair, who worked on the TV series “QB1 Season 4 . Favorite English humor in the series comes as an important and pleasant bonus.

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“There are only girls in the ring”

In the life of Anna (Malin Ackerman), a black streak has come. Her own coffee shop is going through the worst times, the girl’s mother died, and her father came out at the wrong time. A cop friend offers Anna a healthy alternative to the usual ways to deal with depression. She talks about an underground boxing club for women, where anyone can come. Anna discovers the world of fighting without rules.

The film was directed by Paul Leiden, known for the horror movie Come Back to Me. Abruptly changing the genre role, Leiden nevertheless remained faithful to the exact cast of the cast. The main character in his new film is played by Malin Ackerman, and her battered, but still determined coach is Alec Baldwin.

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“Utoya. Breivik’s shots ”

The tragedy of July 22, 2011 changed the life of peaceful Norway. Right-wing extremist Anders Breivik attacked Utoya Island, where a camp for children and adolescents was located. 500 young people were trapped in the cramped space of the island, trying to save their lives. Kaye (Andrea Berntsen) 19, she came to camp with her younger sister Emily. Quarrels and misunderstandings between the sisters come to an end when their lives are at stake.

The film by the Norwegian Erik Poppe impresses with the fact that it was shot in one shot. This is 72 minutes of detailed reconstruction of fear and despair, pain and hope. It looks like a documentary chronicle, but it is still an artistic production. The film premiered in the main competition of the 2018 Berlin Festival.

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“Slut from space”

Dr. Harry Wenderspiegl (Alan Tudik) lives in a small town in Colorado. Nobody knows that, in fact, an alien biologist settled in the doctor’s body not so long ago. When he fell to Earth, the real doctor was killed, and the alien was forced to occupy his body instead of returning home. Now the biologist must investigate mysterious earthly murders and in no case betray his true nature. And it is not so easy to do this if you are familiar with human customs only by hearsay.

The series, produced by Steven Spielberg’s studio, is based on the comic strip of the same name by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse. The main role went to the charismatic Alan Tudick, who became famous thanks to the multi-part space western “Vagabond Season 2“.


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