Great neighborhoods for families in North Raleigh, NC 

People move to North Raleigh for so many reasons, ranging from its low cost of living to quality education and beautiful environments.

However, you might not be sure of the part of Raleigh that has what you’re looking to move for and that’s why we’ve created this guide.

This guide gives a quick rundown on the best neighborhoods for families in Raleigh, why you should consider moving to Raleigh, and how to safely move to Raleigh.

Why should you consider moving to North Raleigh, NC?

Raleigh is considered one of the best places to live in the United States. Here’s why you should consider moving to North Raleigh.

Affordable housing

One of the major reasons people move to Raleigh is the affordability of houses in the city. The prices of houses in the Raleigh neighborhood are relatively low compared to other cities anxnr

Housing is one of the things people consider before moving anywhere and Raleigh has a record of home prices that are below the general average prices 

Access to quality high education 

If you are a parent and you want your children to experience the best high education, you should consider moving to Raleigh.

Raleigh is considered one of the cities with the best schools in North Carolina. The best universities like Peace University, Meredith College, University of North Carolina, and Duke University are in close proximity to Raleigh. 

Safe neighborhoods

Another advantage of staying in Raleigh is that the neighborhoods are safe. If you want a good place to raise a family, you should consider North Raleigh neighborhoods. Most of the neighborhoods have a violent and property crime rate that is below the national average.

Job opportunities 

Raleigh has a low unemployment rate compared to other cities. There are many companies and thus there are always job opportunities for the residents. 

If you’re a recent graduate or someone looking to change your career, Raleigh is the best place to hunt for new jobs. There are many opportunities in tech, the medical field, and entrepreneurship that you can explore.

Great neighborhoods in North Raleigh, NC 

There are many neighborhoods you can move into in Raleigh. North Raleigh neighborhoods are one of the best places for families in the U.S. 

Below are some of them:


Oakwood is one of the best North Raleigh neighborhoods where you can raise a family. It has nice schools, restaurants, grocery stores, and many other social amenities.

Oakwood is located downtown in Raleigh with many oak trees which people find appealing. It is also considered one of the safest neighborhoods in Raleigh due to its very low crime rates.

Boylan Heights 

Boylan Heights is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Raleigh with homes with great architectural styles. It is located west of downtown Raleigh. 

Boylan Heights is a sought-after neighborhood with gardens and wide front porches. It has good restaurants, malls, and nice schools.

North Hills 

North Hills is located in midtown Raleigh. It is a beautiful neighborhood that is growing vastly. It has top-rated schools, a bustling economy, great restaurants, and many parks and trails.

It is especially great for people who are looking for a neighborhood that is full of life and offers many outdoor activities. 

Five Points

Five Points is a neighborhood in Raleigh that consists of five different cities that intersect each other. It is a safe neighborhood with a 59% lower crime rate compared to other neighborhoods. It is a neighborhood that is safe for raising children.

Five Points is a healthy neighborhood. If you are big on eating locally-grown food, this neighborhood is the best for you. There are a lot of farms and food stores that sell locally-grown food for healthy living.

It also has nice restaurants, schools, bars, and parks.

Bryson Village

Bryson Village is a neighborhood that is especially good for you if you like single family homes. It has many single family homes and townhomes that you can check out. 

Bryson Village has provisions for many outdoor activities that can be used for family bonding. It is a great neighborhood to stay in with nice restaurants, parks, schools, and other basic social amenities.

Some other great North Raleigh neighborhoods are:

  • Stonehenge
  • Manchester 
  • Brier Creek
  • Stonebridge
  • Crossgate
  • Wakefield 

How to move into North Raleigh, NC safely

If you’re planning to move into North Raleigh, here are the things you should do to move in safely.

Find an apartment 

The first thing to do when you’ve decided to move into a Raleigh neighborhood is to find a suitable apartment. Hire a realtor to help you find a house in your favorite neighborhood. 

Pack your belongings 

After getting an apartment, you should start planning to move. Start your packing early so that you can have time to sort out what you need to take along and what needs to stay behind.

Get a moving company

The next step is to hire a North Raleigh moving company to help you move your stuff to your new home. Make your findings before hiring North Raleigh movers so that you don’t fall victim to scammers. Ask for recommendations from friends and families and go online to check the companies’ reviews.

Final Thoughts

Raleigh is one of the best cities in the U.S with many nice neighborhoods for families. Each neighborhood has its distinctive features. When you’re ready to move to Raleigh, pick the one that suits you and your family, get a home there and move in.


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