A Short Guide For On-Demand Laundry App Development: All You Need To Know 

Nowadays the role of smartphones and applications in our lives can’t be overestimated. People make use of mobile apps on a daily basis. It is something that keeps us abreast of the time and makes our life easier.

  Moreover, apps meet the sophisticated demands of Internet users. The variety of modern applications really impresses! Our generation is lucky to have an opportunity to make money transactions, buy products, control our property and even buy medicines within a few seconds.

  What’s more, have you heard that nowadays you can even download laundry mobile apps? If not, let’s look closer into such types of apps!

Laundry business

  Well, if something exists in this world, it means that someone has needed it! Since people apply to the laundry services quite often, then why not build an application to make the clients easier?

  Just consider the fact that we go to a washing-house because of three key reasons. Firstly, people may try to save their time for more pivotal activities. 

  Secondly, the washing machine they have does not work properly.  Last and foremost, there are some spots people can’t cope with on their own.  And since we will be wearing different clothes and use carpets even in 1000 years (I guess so), laundry services will be in favor!

  Due to this laundry mobile apps are becoming extremely popular. And if you are interested in building it, then keep reading this article, since we have some interesting things for you to know!

The process participants

  There are 3 parties which participate in the washing-up services: a delivery man, a rinser, and a client.


  It is someone who applies for the laundry services, places orders, and sets a time for the pickup of the laundry. It is the main participant of this chain, since without the customers, such services wouldn’t exist! Using your product, a customer can place an order for clothes washing. He can also set an exact time for picking up the laundry.

Delivery man

  It is a person who takes the clothes from a brick-and-mortar location and delivers to a client and vice versa. His speed of work and politeness determines the quality of your services.


  After a user has placed an order and a delivery man has brought the laundry, the rinser wash, dry and iron it. Then this fresh clothes is given to the messenger who delivers it to a client.

 Sounds like a piece of cake, isn’t it? Although, to build a successful mobile laundry app you have to mull over all the stages and possible challenges of this process.

 It is important to divide a laundry on-demand mobile application into three categories, since they are slightly different in terms of their features.

  • Customer application

Easy login/ sign up 

  Allow users login and sign up via integrating mobile number, email, and social media sites. Thanks to this function clients won’t be forced to fill in a lot of details and will be able to use the needed services within a few clicks.

Appealing services

  Make sure the customers choose a special treatment for their clothes depending on the material. Moreover, keep the clients informed about the prices. People do hate ambiguity and uncertainty! Try to think as a potential user of your application! Which services would you like to use?

Scheduling pickups

  Add the function of timing the pickup to make it convenient for them. If they will be capable of choosing an exact date and time they will definitely opt for downloading your laundry application.


  Don’t deprive your customers of the possibility to leave their feedback and rate services and personnel. In such a way you will see the best workers and motivate others to work hard. Moreover, users may even choose a laundry or a delivery man they want.

Order tracking


  Make sure your customers can track their order status. In such a way they will be informed and will manage their time effectively!

Order cancellation

 The world is changeable and the plans may be disrupted by different obstacles and events. Consequently, add the function of cancelling the order. This feature should be inbuilt and available for all clients.

Push notification

 Clients will be informed about the order status and new available services via push notifications. Although, make sure a customer can mute them or switch off. I suppose you do not want to be the reason of embarrassment or irritation!

Easy payment options

 Make sure your clients can pay both in cash and with the help of a debit or credit card. Do not forget about  eWallets, GooglePay, etc.

  • Laundry man app


 Each laundry man should have a dashboard which they can sign up or log in. Integrate this page with phone numbers, email, and social media to save the users’ time and energy. Their accounts should be well protected.


  It is a great idea to make up a database of your clients after they place an order. In such a case the clients won’t be forced to give their personal information every time they want to have their clothes washed. The only thing they will have to choose is a type of the fabric and material.


  The laundry men dashboard should collect and analyze information. In such a way you will be able to assess the clients’ activity on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis.

Reminders system

  Don’t forget to make use of calendars and reminders. If there is a lot of work to do, laundry men won’t have an opportunity to forget about an order.

  • Delivery man app

Signing up

  All delivery men will download their own mobile laundry application. Their profiles should include some personal data like age, nationality, language and gender. Thanks to it, customers will get additional information about their delivery men and trust your services.


  Integrate maps into your laundry app. Try to choose the most detailed ones to build the best routes for drivers. Moreover, this function will help customers trace the location of their order and understand where they can pick it up.

Clear earning system

  To engage workers you can enable them to trace their earnings for each separate trip and their total income.

Picking and dropping requests

  Drivers should have an opportunity to pick up and drop the orders. Moreover, thanks to geolocation your app should automatically generate orders and clients nearby. 

Charging system

  There are a few basic sources of revenue in the laundry business. The most obvious way to get income – is to charge the customers for the service they have chosen. Set different charges depending on the fabric and clothes material.

  Moreover, you may charge extra payment for additional services like the same day delivery. Advertisements may also be beneficial for you. Think of cooperation with the household chemicals business owners. Washing-house is the best place to advertise such products and make use of them!

Beneficial aspects for laundry app building

Cloud servers

 Such servers will be a safe place for storing all information about the clients and your services. Security should be a pivotal point for you! Can you imagine the reaction of people if their personal information like phones, card numbers and even addresses go pear-shaped? Not a pleasant thing, yeah? So, use cloud services for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your business.

Analytical work

  If you decide to develop a laundry application before getting down to business you should google a lot! Search for your potential competitors and analyze their products. 

  Try to predict weak areas and boost them. If you find it challenging, apply for professional help from analytics. Moreover, you can make use of such tools as Apache Spark, Apache Storm, Open Source Analytics Tools, etc.

Work optimization

  If you want to create a successful product opt for an app optimization. In such a way your application will be published automatically. App optimization will also handle the ratings, review, feedback and keyword optimization. To boost the quality of your laundry app you may integrate such programmes as Google Maps, Apache Flink, Twilio, Cassandra, etc.

Drawing conclusions

  If you are an owner of an on-demand laundry business building a laundry app will be an entirely beneficial idea for you. It will make your product and services innovative and attractive for the clients.Moreover, such an application will serve as an additional source of advertising for your business.

  Although, it may seem difficult to build a popular laundry app of high quality if you find a professional team, the things won’t be so difficult! Before choosing the company ask for its portfolios and cases. Don’t forget to search for the clients’ feedback on the Internet.

  The only thing you should do is to have a strategy and some unique ideas as to the services or style. Firstly, you invest money into developing an on-demand app and then it works for your image and popularity. If you manage to create a good app you will find it entirely beneficial!

  Last, but not the least, if you have an idea – now is the best time to start! While you are dreaming someone may bring it to life. The earlier you begin, the less competitors you will have.


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