Guide For Planning Trip From USA to UK

Most people dream of travelling to the UK, seeing all the fascinating cities, and experiencing breathtaking natural beauty. Your dream can now be a reality since the UK has opened up borders for international travellers from the US. Since the 2020 global pandemic had forcibly caused a halt in travel and immigration, the UK is now open for expatriates again. 

While you are planning the itinerary and are probably checking to see which flights are available, you should pay attention to the documentation and paperwork. Many US citizens are also looking to shift to the UK permanently. We advise getting in touch with immigration solicitor Croydon for all the necessary visas, passport requirements, eligibility criteria, and insurances if this sounds like you. Once you have the application underway, you can start planning the shift to the UK.

Let us look at a guide for planning the trip from the USA to the UK. 

Get Finances Ready:

Whenever you plan to shift or visit a new country, you should always get your finances in order. For tourists, it is necessary to set a budget. If you don’t put a reasonable budget, you could face financial difficulties later, or when you’re in the UK. If you’re going to London, you could manage to see quite a few things for free. Not all tourist spots and attractions have entry fees or tickets. You can easily stroll through and take in the sights and sounds. 

When you land in the UK, you should try to set up safe but affordable accommodation till you can find a more permanent venue. There are plenty of monthly rentals, studios, and bread and breakfasts that are affordable and won’t create a massive hole in your pocket. 

You should also save on transport by using public facilities like buses, trains, and coaches whenever possible. If you plan the trip well, you can easily save plenty just by using public transportation. 


It is necessary to research how long you want your trip to be and what type of itinerary you can fit in your budget. You should also include (in your research) all the cities, tourist attractions, and places you would like to visit in the UK. Many people also prefer hiring or renting a car and driving cross-country to experience everything first-hand. 

If you are shifting permanently, you should channel your research to find the best possible jobs and make online job applications wherever possible. Your research should be focused on your skill sets and the availability of jobs across the UK. Many people prefer moving to cities other than London to save on rent and utilities. 

Passport and Visa Requirements:

People travelling to the UK and planning to stay for longer than 6 months will need separate visas than those visiting as tourists. US citizens can stay without a visa (for the purpose of tourism) for up to 6 months from the date of entry to the UK. Due to Covid reasons, the allowable limit may change at short notice. It is best to check the latest information with the embassy. 

If your passport is expiring within 6 months from the estimated date of travel, you should have it renewed immediately. All visitors to the UK must have more than 6 months of validity left on their passport. If you are migrating to the UK, you would have to apply directly through UK immigration with the help of a reputed immigration service advisor.

Itinerary Planning:

Itinerary planning is possibly the most exciting thing to do. It can also be the most challenging. With so many things to do and see in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you may be left wholly overwhelmed. Depending on the duration of your holiday, you can allocate a few days to the major cities, some to the national parks, and more for the visits to your places of interest. 

If you have a pre-planned itinerary, you should also take into consideration the travel times between cities. You could hire a car and drive across, or take the many fabulous trains, or join some of the organized tours. 

Food and Drink:

The UK has a host of food and drink options. When you are within the UK and have any specific dietary requirements, it is best to inform the restaurant beforehand. The restaurants in the UK are world-class, and you should plan at least one trip to a Michelin-starred restaurant and try some of the food. 

If you are a fan of ale, you can find countless watering holes and pubs across the UK. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some fish and chips with your favourite drink. 


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