Hair Care 101: Effective Treatments for Thinning Hair

Do you know there are tons of lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis that directly and indirectly lead to hair fall, poor hair texture and whatnot? However, if you think major factors behind your hair woes, such as stress, hormones, and diet, are in check, you need to think out of the box to amp up the look of your hair. And guess what? We have already done the heavy lifting for you. Below, we have outlined treatments, habits to break up with in order to grow thicker hair

Hormone Imbalance: Women with thyroid imbalances, menopausal women, in particular, may experience hair loss as, during that time, estrogen level(secreted through the ovaries) starts to drop in their bodies. Low levels of estrogen lead to thin and stalled hair growth. Optimum levels of estrogen are important to make sure you have thicker hair. While we women cannot stop menopause from taking its course, we can certainly lower our stress hormone production. For this, consult your doctor about supplements with apoptogenic herbs known to give healthy hair growth. 

More than diet, eating right is important: Do you think eating a balanced diet will naturally give you healthy and shiny hair? With time, you will see results, but to see effective and fast results, you need to make sure you are eating right. Hence, increase the intake of healthy fats. Add avocados, which houses significant potassium, folate, vitamin B6, go for salmon and whole eggs as it offers healthy fats and omega-3. A diet rich in fatty acids prevents hair loss, encourages new hair growth, and reduces scalp inflammation. 

Choose air drying over heat styling: Heat styling irritates dry and breakage-prone hair. Hence, go for air drying to make your hair look thicker. Before air-drying, always apply a heat protectant serum. 

Check your hair-brushing technique: People with thin hair need to ensure they are detangling their hair in the right way. Aggressive hair brushing techniques can damage and lead to the breakage of your already thin hair strands. Experts recommend using the “bottoms up” method to detangle your hair. In this, comb at your ends first and not your scalp. It is because when you comb your hair from the bottom, you are working with less surface area to untangle at one time. 

Opt for hair laser therapy at home: Since COVID-19 has got us locked up inside our homes, now is the best time to invest in a laser therapy device, also known as laser photography(LPT). Hair laser therapy is designed for at-home use that helps you grow your hair and prevent hair thinning. What’s more, it is quick, convenient and you can even watch Netflix while wearing the cap. An important point to note here is that while buying a hair laser therapy device, make sure the company uses medical-grade lasers and not LEDs as the latter won’t reach the base of hair follicles. 

Choose sulfate free shampoo: While sulfates don’t usually irritate the scalp, the same is not true for those who want to treat their hair woes. Basically, sulfates are the detergents responsible for the foamy lather; it is quite effective at removing dirt, but sulfates can also strip natural oils from the scalp. Result? It messes up with your hair thickness. Instead, replace your shampoo with one that houses power-packed ingredients such as a protein that helps restore your hair density.

There is something you should know beforehand, if you were born with fine hair, then it’s genetics, and no product and device will completely alter that. Keeping this aside, there are ways to maintain the health of your hair and prevent it from further getting any thinner, like doing yoga, an adequate diet, etc. 


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