Help! My Drains Are Blocked

Gurgle! Pop! Glug, glug…pop!

Your drain is making unpleasant sounds as the water just sits there without draining away. It may also be making unpleasant smells because whatever is causing the blockage is rotting there in the pipe.

What has happened to your drainpipe? Check out these common causes of blocked drains to find out.

Random Objects

Do you have little kids in the house? It is possible that their curiosity got the better of them and they flushed something down the toilet. Or they might have dropped something in the toilet without meaning to.

It is common to find small toys, toiletries, and other household items blocking the drains. Sometimes these can be knocked loose with the suction action of a plunger. Other times professional help will be needed to clear the blockage.

Bits of Food

As a responsible homeowner, you do your best to make sure that bits of food don’t get washed down your drain. Even if you have a garbage disposal, this isn’t the best method to get rid of dinner scraps.

Instead, toss things in a compost bin. Then, you would have to worry about little bits of food catching on something and slowly accumulating into a blockage problem.


Yep, trees can block your drains. More specifically, their roots. As gross as it sounds, tree roots are attracted to the water and sludge flowing through your drainpipes. It is a rich source of nutrition for them.

They will take advantage of any tiny crack they can find to push their way into the pipe. Eventually, as the root grows, it can block the pipe.

Obviously, it also damages the pipe. Severely damaged pipes may need replacing.


Is there anyone with long hair in your household? Many strands of those luxurious locks fall in the shower and get washed down the drain.

If you’ve ever cleaned a hairbrush, you know how fussy and “sticky” hair can be. This same thing can happen inside your drain. Soap scum and other bits of debris get trapped in the web of hair and create a nasty clog rather quickly.

Kitty Litter

When the family cat does her business, what do you do with it? You might think you can toss it where you put everything else of that variety.

However, no matter how much you shake or clean it off, there will still be bits of kitty litter clinging to the litterbox treasure.

Kitty litter is designed to absorb as much liquid as possible. As it does this, it expands.

Now, imagine what will happen to your pipes.

Keep Your Drains Clear

Are your drains already blocked? Or are you just looking for a way to keep them clear?

Understanding what can cause drain blockages is the first step to figuring out your drain trouble and deciding on what to do about it!


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