Hot Flashes And Night Sweats In Menopause: 9 Tips for Coping

30-Second Summary

  • Women in perimenopause or menopause are usually able to describe their hot flashes and night sweats vividly.
  • These can be creeping sensations that rise to the chest, like being on a sunbed – with no way of escape.
  • Menopausal hot flashes are sudden feelings of intense body heat that can occur during the day or night.
  • Anxiety is also associated with hot flashes – they make you feel anxious.
  • If it’s the first time you have had a severe hot flash, you might be determined from that day on to do something about it, and you can.
  • There are non-hormonal therapytreatments such as diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes as well as doctor’s solutions to help you cope.

Introduction – What Are Hot Flashes And Night Sweats? What Are the Causes?

Even though different medical conditions can cause hot flashes, women know all about them occurring in the perimenopausal or menopausal period. Sometimes, it’s when their hormones are out of sync.

As a woman, if you have experienced hot flashes in public or in front of people, it can be extremely embarrassing. You become desperate to put something cold on your chest, neck, and face – you long to be in the store at the refrigeration section.

You feel that prickly sensation starts on your chest; you know you are going to have an “attack.” People looking at you see you are flushed, soaked, and you look exhausted.

And worse, a few minutes later, you might even feel the opposite, chilly – from losing so much body heat! But, there are top-rated menopause supplements to help and other excellent tips.

Night Sweats – When You Sweat Excessively While Sleeping

Night sweats can occur in men and women and could be a result of a medical condition. For women experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms, they feel intense heat when a hot flash occurs.

Sometimes, to distinguish night sweats that arise in menopausal women over the fact that it is hot summer weather, doctors refer to true night sweats as hot flashes – that aren’t related to an overly hot environment.

Top Health Tips and Non-Hormonal Therapy for Women Dealing with Hot Flashes

Because hot flashes[1] affect 75% of women in menopause and perimenopause, it’s every reason to give tips on how to deal with them.

The very first thing is to realize you have them. Once you’ve experienced them, you will want them to never come back again!

Before you try hormone replacement therapy, which your doctor will advise you about, other tips could do the trick as well.

It’s worth it because contrary to what many believe, hot flashes don’t just automatically end when menopause ends[2].

These can continue for six months after menopause, even 6 years after menopause, and even longer than that! Look at these health tips for women:

  1. Natural menopause medication from your pharmacy – Look at these natural ways you can start dealing with hot flashes. That’s the first start! You will find many wonderful natural supplements to help you support your fight against hot flashes. One good example is Estroven. See some Estroven reviews of what you can expect from this natural supplement. As with many top supplements, you will see that Estroven contains black cohosh root and soy isoflavones. Soy Isoflavones act as phytoestrogens.
  2. Avoid spices – This is because hot, spicy foods will naturally raise your body temperature, so don’t encourage it as it will aggravate hot flashes.
  3. Sip ice water and spray water gently on your face – Beat off a hot flash by choosing icy cold drinks, sparkling water, or fruit juices. Drink them as soon as you feel a hot flash to lower your heat temperature. Keep a little spray bottle in your bag or even an ice pack or some cool wipes that will cool your face down when you feel a flash coming on.
  4. Remove the layers as the heat increases – Wear professional chemises or tank or a beach dress with a jacket so that if you have to strip down when a flash occurs, you still look like the cool professional!
  5. Down with the stress – Plan your day so you aren’t stressed and rushing around, which are such good triggers to bring on hot flashes.
  6. Manage the room temperature around you – If you work in a space that is controlled and you can’t cool down your area, consider things like a portable fan at your desk, etc.
  7. Reduce your caffeine intake – Caffeine increases your body temperature – this can trigger a hot flash. Opt for herbal iced teas or just pure sparkling refreshing water.
  8. Exercise helps! – Exercise reduces hot flashes[3] as it improves the working of the thermoregulatory system.
  9. Have cold foods around you – Take a miniature cool bag to work and store your iced drinks, cold cucumber sandwiches, watermelon pieces, fruits, salads – they will do the job, and they are so healthy!

Menopause Supplements and Losing Weight

Losing weight if you are overweight is one of the best health tips for women because, by the time you get to the perimenopausal years or full-on menopausal years, you will want to be lean and healthy when you do.

Did you know that many diseases start from being overweight or obese? Obesity is serious as it has associations with worse mental health outcomes and reduced quality of life.

Being overweight is associated with severe conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer.

There is plenty of research about obesity and menopausal symptoms – women who are overweight or obese suffer from more menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes than their leaner counterparts do.

Consider the Mediterranean diet[4], you won’t be sorry. Also, look at Estroven reviews so you may be able to start putting those nasty menopausal symptoms behind you once and for all.


If you are a woman in perimenopause or menopause, you, no doubt, have suffered from nasty hot flashes.

They come and go at any time of the day, and even when you are deep in sleep, you can wake up and find your body, bedding, and PJs drenched in sweat.

Romance just flew out the window. Many women become determined to see their doctor and to discuss HRT or hormonal therapy.

However, there are also thousands of women who opt for the non-hormonal therapy route, you can too, with top-rated menopause supplements to help you with your battle against hot flashes.


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