How A Biometric Online Time Clock Can Benefit Your Business

Let’s face it, keeping track of large numbers of employees is difficult. The more employees there are, the more time-consuming it is. Add to that the fact that manual time clocks have no safety features or features that help prevent time fraud, accurately track hours worked, or help to determine if an employee was wasting time or being productive.

Besides the fact that they are inefficient, the lack of features makes them almost useless in a modern work environment. Luckily, many modern tools can benefit your business and solve many of the problems that come with using an older time clock system. One of those tools is a biometric online employee time clock.

Let’s take a look at the different ways this tool can benefit your business, whether small or large.

Eliminate Time Theft

Manual clock in systems are designed in such a way that there is virtually no way to prevent time theft unless you stationed a guard at every time clock and had them check every punch. This would be expensive, inefficient, and ultimately futile.

One of the most common methods of time theft is buddy punching, wherein one employee clocks in for a friend who is not there, allowing them to get hours they aren’t actually working. Manual time clocks have no way to prevent this and no way to actively check if that person was at work that day until after the fact.

With the biometric features of an online time clock software, each individual is unique and can only clock in for themselves. There are several types of biometric clock in options, which can include facial recognition, thumbprint, or retinal scan. None of these methods can be copied for another person, so the ability to “buddy punch” is eliminated. Punches are tracked as well, so you’ll know who punches in or out and when without needing any additional personnel.

Accessible and Easy to Use

A biometric online timecard system is incredibly fast and easy to use from almost anywhere. This makes it a real time saver during the clock in process and allows employees to get to work faster. Because physical time clocks have to be put in a fixed location and each employee has to come to the clock for every clock in or break, a lot of time and efficiency is lost in the process.

An online time clock is accessible from nearly any computer or smart device, and employees can complete the process with the tap of a button. Contrary to popular belief, time clock solutions are relatively simple to use, even with advanced features. Giving employees the ability to clock in quickly and get to work will save time and improve productivity. Even employees who aren’t enthusiastic about work will appreciate the energy saved with online clock in and out software and ultimately get more done.

Less Time Spent Overseeing Employees

Because much of the process is automated through the online timesheet software, there is no need for regular oversight of day-to-day time tracking processes. Managers don’t have to approve every punch and can instead let the system do its job. In cases where an employee is late or absent, notices will be sent to the appropriate managers, and in the case of manager approval, it can be done with a simple click.

This frees up managers for more important duties and lets them concentrate on getting actual business done and not mundane tasks. Employees benefit as well from not having to be micromanaged throughout every step of their day.

Better Payroll and More Trust

One of the most significant negatives for any business is having to process employee hours and calculate payroll. With manual time clocks, this process is very labor-intensive and prone to error. Not only that, disputes over hours worked and pay can lead to a challenging working environment.

A biometric online time clock can eliminate most of those worries for the employer and the employees. Biometrics ensure that all hours worked are attributed to the right employee, meaning no accidentally giving hours to the wrong person. Secondly, time is kept down to the minute for each employee and counted automatically, meaning no waste and no payment errors. Lastly, payroll integrations make processing hours, pay rates, and getting employees paid is much more accurate and faster.

When employees know that they can trust their paycheck to be accurate, they trust their employer more and feel like a valued team member. This causes them to work to their best ability for that business. Happier employees mean higher profits.


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