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Names are one of the most important things that a person needs because imagine there is a person who does not have any name and you have to look for him or talk about him to someone, what will you talk about/ or how will you call them if they do not have a name.

Names hold a lot of significance in everyone’s life and that is why they should be given according to that.

There are various ways to name your kids and there are different cultures and religions that name their kids according to that.

In Hindu culture

In the Hindu culture, people give their kids names that have the first alphabets according to their Nakshatra.

The names that they give to their kids are mostly either the names of their Gods or some other things that are related to them religiously.

The Hindus also believe that the name should be according to the Rashi of that kid because they believe that it has a lot of impact on the children.

They choose the names with respect to that and they think that it can change the whole luck of the kid. If they name their kid

How to find Rashi by name

You can easily find Rashi by name by using a lot of different methods that are very common in the Hindu culture these days.

There are a lot of different calculators that are used to find Rashi by the name and you can go through them to look for it.

You can also search for these calculators on different platforms like google and then work or use the names according to that.

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Rashi by date of birth

There are different ways through which you can find the Rashi and it is not only bound with your name so you can use these methods too.

The second method that is used by the people of India or Hindu people all around the world is finding the Rashi by the date of birth of their children.

If you want to find the Rashi by your date of birth you necessarily need to have the information about the zodiac signs that you possess.

There are 12 different zodiac signs that are given to you or you can say that possess according to the date that you were born on.

These 12 zodiac signs are according to the 12 months of the year and each month possesses a different zodiac sign for you.

If you know your date of birth, the month of your birth, and the exact time when you were born then you can easily find the Rashi according to it on any calculator present on google.

These are the two different methods that are used in Hinduism to find the Rashi and you can look for them whenever you want to.

You can also use these names later if you think the Rashi is right or is suitable for your kid.


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