How Can You Take Student Loans from Money View when Not Earning?

The experience you gained during your career will benefit you in the future. You decide to pursue more advanced academic training in the field of your choice. After getting accepted to a foreign university, you realize that the costs for the course are greater than what you currently have in savings. 

If your spouse or children would like to go abroad for an education program, you may want to send them. The reason behind your ineligibility for a student loan is unknown. If you’re worried about finances, a personal loan can help. 

Loans for education are different from loans for personal use. You may use the Personal Loan to finance your own or a relative’s education. Furthermore, Personal Loans are a great option as they’re easier to repay, especially when you’re pursuing your studies. 

Students can only use loans for the purposes intended when they are borrowed. Additionally, you must pay 15% of the expenses via a student loan, which has specific eligibility criteria. If you need a Personal Loan to fund your education costs, you can get one quickly and in a few steps.

Can I Apply for Student Loans at Money View?

Higher education isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Unfortunately, Money View does not lend to students with no income. However, your parents, guardians or siblings who have a regular income /salary can apply for a personal loan up to 5 lakhs for their childrens against their name and use the amount to fund thier education. Money View student loans are hassle-free and easy to obtain.

You can get a Student Loan in India by following these steps –

You will spend a lot of money on education. Especially when it comes to studying abroad, calculate your expenses, including travel expenses, tuition fees, costs of study material, coaching needed, and boarding and lodging, which are not covered by a student loan. 

Friends and family can give you an idea of how much it costs to live in the country. You will be able to determine how much Personal Loan you will need after you have an accurate estimate of your costs.

Check Your Eligibility:

The Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator can help you determine whether you are eligible for an amount that matches your needs. 


Flexible Tenure:

A flexible tenure is important when taking out a Personal Loan for students, as the tenure will determine the monthly repayment amount. When you were a student, your earnings were likely to be lower than when you were a professional. You must focus on affordable EMIs. Achieve optimal monthly expenses by balancing the amount and the tenure. 

Documents Required:

Making an application for a Personal Loan requires minimal documentation – such as address proof, proof of income, and identification. Ensure that all the documents are ready by contacting your bank. The documentation may not even be needed if you are already a customer. Get the loan application process information. 

Get cracking and book your flight, pay your tuition, and begin your exciting life as a student as soon as the money from your personal loan for education has been received. 

Student Loans: Benefits and Features:

Among the features and benefits of Money View student loans are:


  1. A check of your eligibility is instant

 Using the mobile app or website, you can access Money View in just two minutes.


  1. Loan Amount with Flexibility

 From Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 5 lakhs, you can choose the amount of the loan.


  1. Repayment Term

 Approximately 3 months are allotted for repayment, while 60 months is the maximum for the borrower


  1. 100% Paperless

 Our online, electronic, and hassle-free applications and disbursements


  1. MINIMAL Documentation

 Three documents are needed – identification, address proof, and proof of income.


  1. 24 Hour Disbursement

 the loan will be available to you within one business day upon approval.


  1. Loans with Low Credit Score

 You need a credit score of 650 or higher in order to borrow from Money View.

 Can Students with No Income Avail Money View Student Personal Loans?

 We do not offer loans to students without income. Money View, however, can offer your family an instant loan if they earn a regular income or salary, including your parents and siblings.

The benefit of personal loans is their versatility. A personal loan from Money View can be used for any reason, whether it’s for one’s own sake or that of a loved one, to fund their education.

Students in India who want to apply for student loans must meet certain criteria:

Students can apply for a personal loan from Money View easily and transparently.


  • Candidates must earn a minimum of Rs. 13,500 per month.
  • A direct deposit into a bank account is required for applicants.
  • CIBIL score of 600 or Experian score of 650* is required.
  • You must be at least 21 years old. You may not exceed 57 years of age.
  • Steps to Avail Personal Loan for Students in India


Check your eligibility

After completing all required information, we will provide you with a quick response within two minutes.

 Select your loan plan

You will be able to choose the repayment period and loan amount from the options presented.

 Provide required documents

Online verification provides access to all documents.

 Instant Loan Disbursal

Upon submitting the loan agreement and verifying your documents, you will receive the loan amount within 24 hours.


With Money View personal loans, getting a student loan is quick and easy. Using a loan at a competitive interest rate and repaying it at a convenient time is possible on convenient terms. Money View lets you apply for funding for your education or another person’s education by visiting our site, downloading our app, or using our search tool.


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