How Cannabis Can Help You with Your Meditation

Cannabis has wide ranging health benefits, including for one’s mental health. It affects each person in a different way, but many have decided to make use of marijuana for the purpose of meditation. It’s not necessary that you use any substance to be able to get into a meditative state, but cannabis does help to get into that frame of mind so you can ease into meditation.

Enhancement of the Meditation Process

Each person has a unique interaction between their endocannabinoid system and cannabis. Because of this, cannabis boosts the meditative process in several ways. Some people end up just being stuck to the couch as their muscles relax. Other people have a quieting of their overactive mind or who gain more perspective about their own life experiences. Since some recognized effects of cannabis are heightened time and sensory perception, it’s no wonder that people are able to gain insight, relax, and experience spiritual depths at a greater level. These benefits align perfectly with the outcomes you’d expect from a meditation session.

Proper Meditation Form

Whether you use cannabis beforehand or not, there are some simple guidelines that are important in meditation. For one, you need to focus on your breathing, especially if you’re new to meditation. This will help you to disconnect from your overactive mind and gain some relaxation. Be sure to note each of your inhalations and exhalations until you’re better able to avoid distraction.

Pay attention to each of your thoughts as they come and go. Let them float away without dwelling at all. Focus on your breathing for several minutes. You can come up with a daily goal for your meditation practice such as developing resilience, grounding, becoming calmer or more mentally sharp.

Waking Up with Marijuana

When you smoke shortly after waking up, it helps you to relax and have a mellow start to your day. Of course, you don’t need to do this on a daily basis in order to derive some benefits from your morning smoke session. The great thing about this is that you have a clean slate with a new day. You can focus on a vision for your day, including some intention setting and bringing about successful outcomes by using the power of your mind. Allow yourself a good chunk of time to do this before you start your tasks for the day.

Paranoid Thoughts

There are people who have doubts that pop up when they smoke. They might even experience a sense of panic. For this reason, they may think about avoiding marijuana use in the future.

Though this is of course a negative thing, there is a plus here. You can smoke and then make it a point to sit quietly with your thoughts as they arise. This way, you’ll learn more about your own subconscious mind and yourself in general. Be sure to pay attention to the thoughts and sensations you have and try to embrace them, even though you probably don’t like many of them much at all.

The Religious Connection

A large number of spiritualist groups partake in the use of marijuana and then do their meditation practices. Just a few of these groups are the Shaivite, Buddhist, and some pagan practitioners. Many people in these groups like to smoke so that they can achieve a state of mental stillness as a way of separating themselves from the physical realm. This can lead to becoming separate from having such a strong connection to the material world. In addition to modern spiritual groups, there are several ancient religions and civilizations who used marijuana for meditation and other mental wellness practices.

How You Ingest Cannabis Matters

Obviously, there are different ways to ingest marijuana. All of these can work towards helping with meditation, but smoking or vaping with a few herbs blended in is said to be best for these sessions. If you’re patient, edibles are a good idea. They do take up to two hours for you to feel the effects.

When you vape, you can microdose and this makes it possible to tap into your desired state of consciousness with greater precision. It’s ideal for people who have lower tolerance levels or who are more new to cannabis use. Experienced users would do better with smoking the marijuana flower, since it delivers the effects the fastest out of any other forms of cannabis to allow you to get in the zone faster.

A Final Note on Meditation

When you’re smoking or otherwise ingesting cannabis flower or some other product, you’re in store for amazing mental health benefits. Meditation is at the top of the list for people who are into the body-mind-spirit connection. This is especially the case when you want to enhance the advantages you get from your meditation practice and already use cannabis. Find a place with premium cannabis near you searching for “Massachusetts weed dispensary” or search for whatever state you live in.


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