How Do Celebrities Manage Their Schedules

Celebrities are not popular for no reason; they work for it instead. This includes various kinds of activities and tasks. Not just their job-related things like shooting for stuff like movies, shows or commercials or making albums and holding concerts etc. But there are a number of other appearances and stuff they gotta be a part of. That can be either interviews, award shows, endorsement campaigns, or promotions of their pieces of work.

Time is money is one quite true statement because these celebrities do indeed make money by dividing and dedicating their time to several activities. For example, the more endorsement campaigns the singer Future takes on or the more interviews and appearances he does, the more adds to Future net worth. Hence, celebrities need to keep up with their active lifestyle on a regular day to day basis.

However, how does one do it? When you have multiple tasks and commitments juggling on a regular daily basis, it can get a tad bit complicated to keep track of and manage all of them. That is why celebrities need a proper system to manage their schedules and appointments so they can have less stressful days and can also make time for their own personal interests or family and friends etc. For this purpose, a common technique most celebrities rely on is to get a celebrity manager.

Celebrity Managers

Celebrity managers do not need to be overly qualified or with higher education degrees however they do need to be at least college graduates. Celebrities will hire them to take care of their daily tasks, appointments and schedules. Therefore, these managers need to have a certain set of skills of which time management is a crucial one.

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Other skills that celebrity managers are mostly required to have include communication, organization and negotiation skills along with being able to form good interpersonal relations and being efficient with technology and event planning.

Most individuals aspiring to become celebrity managers go for various internships within entertainment industry management-based organizations like PR companies or talent agencies. They can either do it along with their degree during summers or once they finish the degree. This gives them proper experience and skill for when they go for a bigger job of a personal celebrity manager.

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Celebrity Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Celebrity managers need to undertake and be proficient at the following duties and tasks.

  • They will need to manage the celebrity’s schedule taking care of interview appearances and other appointments etc.
  • They will be sorting travel and tours stuff out, booking flights and tickets etc and getting hotel reservations or arranging other accommodations.
  • They will receive agents, publicists or interviewers’ calls and set appointments for the celebrity depending on the availability of their schedule.
  • They will negotiate with interested agencies or producers about the work contracts and celebrity’s demands.
  • They will also be responsible for managing expenses, taxes, finances and accounts of the celebrity. For instance, Future’s personal manager will have an effect on Future net worth because of this reason.
  • They will be required to sometimes post on and manage the celebrity’s social media accounts on the internet. This way they will have a hand in creating and maintaining the celebrity’s image too.

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