How do coworking spaces help in attracting young talent and skilled people to your organization?






Research suggests everyday you lose 15 percent of productivity of your employees. Talent acquisition is a tougher task today than it was a decade ago. With globalisation and remote working made possible through the advance of technological development, access to a larger talent pool has never been easier. Talented workers are aware of their skills, strengths and aptitudes.

Therefore, they would not be ready to trade these skills for a kind of employment that does not give them satisfactory returns. Gone are the days when people were attracted to high wages and bonuses. The millennials are now looking for ‘quality of professional life’.

Quality of professional life is a multidimensional concept that encompasses number of working hours, the level of difficulty of tasks, teams and collective approach, the location of the office, its ambience and connectivity, returns on efforts and even non-financial benefits to name a few.

But to satisfy all those names requires intensive monetary and human resources. This might not be an easy task for start-ups and organizations undergoing a shadowy phase. So here’s an effective solution suitable to companies of all sizes and shapes- coworking offices. Plug and play is a shared office approach that allows a common physical space to be used by many people.

It also involves community activities that knits the inmates closer and binds them with a sense of unity and togetherness.

Coworking space in Hyderabad  not only help an organization in attracting young talent and skilled people but also retaining the strong members of your organization. This can be attributed to the following reasons:-

  • Relaxed environment:- Long ago the perfect image of an office was a glass building with compact cubicles connected to each other only by intercom telephones. Gen-z is now looking for offices that have a more relaxed environment with moderate norms. This is because the latest research proves that a person’s productivity is much higher and amplified in a less formal atmosphere as the person has the freedom to be congruent to his inner self. Lately, many multinational firms have enrolled many seats at coworking centres. This is a right move keeping in mind that co-workers have the liberty to make and maintain even informal relations and friendships, and have a prerogative of higher autonomy and flexibility, discussed next.


  • Increased investment in employee’s interests and recreation:- Spending every bit of earning is essential in determining the future course of the company. Coworking is an economical and cost effective solution that can save you from overhead costs and legal nuisance. This saved money when spent on employee’s well-being pays off more because the employees then pour their heart and soul into the work they are assigned.


  • Flexibility and autonomy:- The privilege of making a choice of either going to the office or working from home, to pick the work schedule and timings as per their choice is entitled only to co-workers. Many employees are keen to have this liberty, because they are engaged in other routines too. For example, a busy family person or a self employed individual working part time on his startup may be less willing to enrol in an organization that leaves him with less personal time and autonomy.


  • Socialization and community feeling:- Generally, a genius has higher levels of stimulation that can be satisfied by meaningful interaction with others. Office politics are a source of stress and frustration. At plug and play, the group activities rejuvenate them besides providing networking opportunities.

coworking spaces

Therefore, it can be seen that coworking spaces act like talent magnets and are the best tactic to attract adept, proficient and knowledgeable people with potential to add value to the vision and mission of your organisation. If you are looking for a shared office space that can allure and preserve intellectual geniuses then iKeva’s coworking solutions are the best for you. We provide you an array of membership benefits and access to personality development activities that brings out the best of your employees and keeps them motivated.

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