How Do I Make an Official Pay Stub? [A Step-by-Step Guide]

Many states require businesses to provide their employees a pay stub, whether on paper or electronic. However, some states like Georgia and Florida don’t have pay stub requirements.

However, pay stubs benefit both the employer and employee. It’s especially when you need accurate payment records.

How do you make an official paystub? Thanks to modern technology and the internet, it’s easier to comply with state laws. Read on and learn how to get an official pay stub below.

Use an Official Pay Stub Generator

Fortunately, lots of pay stub generators exist online. Some are free, but the best ones need payments. Either way works, as long as you’re willing to put in more effort with free tools.

The process is fairly simple since you only need to enter the employee’s information. In most generators, it’s a manual process. It means typing in all the necessary details, even for the paid ones.

After that, the paystub creator will calculate the pay for each employee. Download the form or let the tool email it to you or the employee.

While it might be cumbersome to other people, online generators are perfect for small business owners with a limited number of employees. Pay attention to the details to maintain accuracy.

Download a Pay Stub Template

You can also download an official Excel pay stub template for repeated use. It’s usable even when you’re offline, making official pay stubs for your employees convenient regardless of your location.

Remember to download tools catering to your specific requirements. It’s even better if the information is customizable for your business setting.

Use Payroll Software

Don’t want to manually input your employee details? Use payroll software instead. It generates all the necessary details alongside the pay stub automatically.

It’s the best for big businesses with a lot of employees. The automation features save precious time, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Enter the Necessary Information

Regardless of your chosen method, prioritize having the correct information on hand. Some details you have to include are:

  • Employee name and address
  • Start and end date of the pay period
  • Salary or hourly rate
  • Hours or days worked for the pay period
  • Overtime, bonuses, and backpay
  • Employee contributions
  • Health insurance and other deductions
  • Taxes withheld
  • Gross pay and net pay

The necessary details may vary, but these are some of the basic information contained on a pay stub. Employers can’t print their employees’ Social Security numbers on a pay stub.

Create an Official Pay Stub Now

Even if your state doesn’t require your business to give an official pay stub, consider getting them. It’s helpful for your employees, allowing them to see a breakdown of their pay. It makes them understand their deductions, contributions, taxes, and more.

Is this guide helpful? Consider reading our other post to expand your knowledge today.


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