How Does the Flexible Work Model is the Future of Coworking Spaces

While 2021 brought some businesses back to the office, most employees prefer to work from home given the choice. Contrary to popular belief, it’s a good sign since it only builds a stronger case for a flexible work model. Previously offices used to be more personal, team meetings, and a not-so-encouraging ‘office culture’. However, with the recent studies in the work from home system, it was seen that the productivity of remote workers was higher than office-goers. Therefore, businesses and corporations across the world are now adopting remote working into their everyday operations. Even in terms of hiring, enterprises across the world are now more than willing to hire remote workers. With technology facilitating more and more effective ways to connect, track, and collaborate with employees around the world, geographical barriers no longer matter; and employers are slowly waking up to that fact. For example, a real-estate mega-corporation like Zillow group is now having an upside down’ view on work from home and is accepting remote workers more endearingly. 

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However, since COVID-19 is not entirely done yet as parts of the world are still struggling with a second wave, the growth of flexible workspaces is the only way to keep businesses up and running. In 2020, when it was all starting, coworking spaces had to be closed in a rush since they were neither equipped nor designed for this virus that requires social distancing and open-air spaces to stop spreading. This caused a seismic shift for professionals across the world as their homes and offices merged into one. Today a lot has changed as businesses are open, and most of them have given up on their leases on previous office spaces since only a small percentage of employees are keen on returning to offices. The coworking industry provides immense flexibility with its ready-to-move-in, affordable workstations that employees can choose to go nearby their homes, for selective days as a stopover. 

Work from Anywhere instead of Work from Home

As all the work and action happens online, soon professionals will look for a ‘work from anywhere’ model, rather than just working from home. Why? Because experts found out that teams working from the same space have more trust and clarity in their output. So, for at least one day a week, such employees want to work from a common space where they can mentor, train or collaborate with their team members. To accommodate such varying demands of work settings, business owners can outsource their physical office space requirements on-demand, from workspace operators as per usage, while strictly following safe distancing and hygiene standards. 

Closer to home is more important than before

Let’s face it, employees invested a lot of time and expenditure into traveling to their offices daily. All of these expenses don’t exist anymore, which includes an average of 89 million hours each week, in the US, while it saves as much as USD$90 billion, until October last year. Then there’s also the ease of access to family in just a few minutes. 

What seemed overwhelming to employers last year, is now resolved because of booking flexible workspaces nearby to the employee’s location as per convenience. 

Focus on mental health and wellbeing 

2020 felt overwhelming as employees worked from their homes, while the world outside was in chaos. Irrespective of an employees’ age or past experience, working for long hours, or without a breathable schedule can be a challenge that goes deeper on a personal aspect. In such situations, providing them with support systems in the form of small teams, calming work environment, and empathetic company policies can be life-changing. Flexible workspaces can provide such a haven, especially for employees requiring a seamless transition of work. Find out more about coworking office space in Sydney to lease and what they offer.

Conclusion: Taking it Home

Now that businesses across all industries and scales are compelled to come up with unique work solutions, to get back to normal; one thing is clear – there’s no going back to the pre-COVID19 office occupancy. In fact, it only further goes to prove the onus that the future of work is more adaptive, accepting, and technologically equipped – something that not many countries enjoyed until the pandemic. 

Therefore, it’s only certain that the rapidly changing, sustainable, remote work model, can easily pivot to the work from anywhere model, both of which would require coworking spaces to suffice. Here are some of our recommendations on coworking spaces that you can consider:

They’re a local coworking community in India located in Mumbai. They have a large facility with more traditional styled office spaces, including shared space, cabins, and meeting/event rooms. 

One of the latest shared office spaces in Kolkata, they’re providers of high-tech, coworking spaces in Sector-V, Salt Lake. They are a great place for solopreneurs, freelancers, and corporations to network and collaborate.

Perfect for business owners looking for flexible and serviced workspaces, LINK is located in Bengaluru, and provides a modern appeal. Offering shared spaces, private offices, as well as meeting rooms and catering events, it has everything you need, all at a state of the art facility. 


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