How Elevations RTC Became One Of The Top RTCs In Utah

Becoming a thriving residential treatment center is challenging for any new business. Not only does an entire infrastructure need to be put together, but there needs to be a trusting relationship with every single student.

What makes them different? Can all types of teenagers find success this way? This is a closer look at Elevations RTC and how they are a go-to place for teens.

Relying on The 5 Peaks of Success

Elevations RTC formed its five peaks of success early on.

  1. Relationship Model
  2. Therapeutic
  3. Engaging
  4. Valuable
  5. Future-Oriented

Finding success in all five of these peaks seems complicated for the average student to pull off. However, Elevations RTC has always been at the forefront of helping as many individuals as possible.

These goals make them highly well-rounded. Different goals are worked on throughout the year, coming all together in the end and putting students in an excellent position for future success.

It takes an entire team to get everything situated the right way at Elevations RTC. Whether it’s clinical work, academics, community building, or anything else, there is support for a teenager.

Customization Options for Different Kinds of Students

Having the ability to adapt and customize solutions for all types of students is a great way to bring in those facing different issues. There are so many residential treatment centers that only have one method of helping out those in need.

By trying to force a particular method onto a student, there’s a chance that more harm is done than good. A lot of time is spent evaluating students to have the proper treatment. Customization takes time and should never be rushed when the entire year is available to work on issues.

Putting students in the right groups also helps with customer success. Those who share the same interests can start to form bonds and support one another. Students don’t realize at first just how important having peer support helps while at Elevations RTC. They can learn a lot from others who are going through similar issues.

Gender-Inclusive Campus

One of the most significant differences between Elevations RTC and other residential treatment centers is their gender-inclusive campus. They believe that mimicking the real world is extremely important in helping make that transition back home a reality.

Going to an all-boys or all-girls residential treatment center isolates teenagers in an unrealistic setting. There are too many instances where students will excel when around one gender, but they struggle to ease their way back into real-world living.

The goal of Elevations RTC is always to make the transition back home as smooth as possible. A gender-inclusive campus is almost like a small city in many ways. They must deal with issues head-on.

What Elevations RTC has found is that there is tremendous growth from the very first day to the last when going with a gender-inclusive campus. Some students are timid at first, but they start to open up and become much more normalized to this environment as time goes on.

Proper Accreditation

No reputable residential treatment center will succeed if they don’t have proper accreditation. Students need to keep up with their peers to continue to have success once they are done with their time on campus.

Accreditation is taken very seriously at Elevations RTC. Students often go back home in an even better position academically than their peers. Having that focus on individual success in smaller classroom sizes helps out tremendously. Many students find that they don’t personally struggle as much as they think once they get more individualized attention.

One of the quickest ways to eliminate any progress is to feel way behind in the classroom once returning home. That’s why so much focus is put on the academic side of things to get everything in order.

Maximizing Outdoor Opportunities

The state of Utah might be the most underrated part of the United States as far as outdoor activities are concerned. Located in the greater Salt Lake City area, Elevations RTC takes full advantage of everything.

Throughout the year, students get the opportunity to leave campus and have a fun time. Students learn to balance life’s fun side with the more difficult side. Too many residential treatment centers focus only on the rehabilitation process, and that’s not good long-term for students who could get burned out.

The campus is extensive enough to offer activities outdoors and indoors without ever leaving the premises. That’s great news for students who have not reacted well to other locations scattered around the United States. Not having ample space for students can make them feel too isolated from everything else.

Having the opportunity to explore nearly any passion makes a big difference. It may take students a while to find that one thing they genuinely enjoy, but it could eventually evolve into a career down the road once it is found.

Is Elevations RTC a Top Choice in the United States?

Many alumni students and their families have found success and turned their life around in ways that never felt possible. Results do take some time to get through it, but the extra effort is worth it.

For more information about Elevations RTC, visit their website elevationsrtc.com. Families are welcome to set up a tour of the facility with their admissions team to get a better understanding of who they are and what they offer. They take students from all over the United States and accommodate all types of cases. Contact their admissions team for more information.


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