How Has the Gaming Experience Changed Over the Past Few Decades?

The gaming industry is an ever-evolving market, and because of that, user experiences are continually changing. While highly advanced, next-generation gaming is now upon us, it hasn’t always been that way, with the sector’s outlook evolving considerably over the past few decades. So, let’s look at several areas of change within the action-packed industry.

Accessibility of Portable Gaming

Along with increased choice from a title standpoint, 21st-century gaming doesn’t solely focus on traditional consoles. In adapting to the modern era of gaming, Nintendo created the Switch in March 2017. The console offers portability across numerous console titles. With a 4310mAh battery, users can play demanding titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt without wired limitations for prolonged periods of time. From this standpoint, the Switch is the pinnacle of modern-day gaming as it seamlessly intertwines library variation with portability.

That said, in recent years, mobile gaming has reached unprecedented levels of popularity, with Udonis predicting that there will be 3.07 billion mobile gamers by 2023. Not only that, but smartphones are also becoming the preferred gaming platform among modern-day gamers because of their portability.

Mobiles ensure accessible on-the-move gaming, with players able to immerse themselves in numerous games with the touch of a few buttons. Aside from popular titles like Gorogoa and Grid Autosport, smartphone users can also access a wide-ranging library of casino games. Sites like genesiscasino.com/en-in, for instance, hosts a selection of optimized mobile games ranging from video slots such as Gonzo’s Quest to real-time table offerings with live-dealers. The choice and ease of access have undoubtedly contributed to the global popularity that mobile gaming enjoys today.

Out With Split Screen, in With Online

During the 1990s and early 2000s, split-screen gaming was all the rage. In fact, some of the best titles are considered all-time greats because of their multiplayer function. Just look at Super Mario Kart, which hit the market in 1992. To this date, the title has amassed 8.76 million sales, making it the sixth best-selling creation in the Mario Kart franchise, with yet more opportunities to expand as per fool.com/investing/. While this Nintendo publication demonstrated the potential of split-screen gaming, other well-known titles followed in its footsteps, such as Halo 3, Left 4 Dead 2, and Portal 2.

Source: Unsplash

However, for all of the game mode’s nostalgia, it’s tricky to argue that split-screen gaming hasn’t become a thing of the past. Although some titles still have the feature, it’s becoming increasingly rare. With online gaming rising to prominence, split-screen has since taken a backseat. Furthermore, the mode typically requires a lot of console resources, thus resulting in reduced frame rates and graphics, according to forbes.com/sites. Due to this, gaming experiences have changed, with players being encouraged to play online as opposed to on the same console.

Gaming Isn’t What It Used to Be

Few can argue that the gaming industry hasn’t come a long way over the past few decades. In response to technological developments, gamer habits and trends have changed, and that’s evident from the above. While online has taken over from split-screen, portability is now at the heart of the gaming industry, with traditional wired consoles facing competition from on-the-move alternatives.


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