How is life at NIACL as an Administrative Officer?

The full form of NIACL is New India Assurance Company Limited. It is based in Mumbai based Insurance Company. The Government of India owns this company and it has various branches across the country. A candidate with an education qualification of up to Post Graduation or Graduation can appear for the exam. FYI, this year NIACL AO exam for the preliminary phase will be conducted on 16th October 2021.

In this article, we will know about the detailed information of the NIACL Administrative Officer. It will cover information about the job profile, salary, and many more. Read below to know about life at NIACL as an Administrative Officer.

Qualifications Required to Apply for NIACL Administrative Office

The candidate should be a graduate from an affiliated university from any stream. General candidates must hold 60% marks in the degree exams. While the ST/PWD/SC candidates must hold 55% marks.

Age Limit to Appear for NIACL Administrative Office

The age limit to apply for the NIACL Administrative Officer is 21 years to 30 years (General Candidates). The relaxation in age limit for candidates belonging to other categories are-

  • OBC-3 years
  • Ex-Servicemen- Maximum up to 45 years
  • Ex-Servicemen (Disabled)- 45 years
  • ST/SC- 5 years

Job Profile of NIACL as an Administrative Officer

To know about the responsibilities and job profile of the NIACL Administrative Officer, read below.

  1. The NIACL AO is an administrative Scale I job. The candidate holds the responsibilities of “First entry-level officer.”
  2. The NIACL Administrative Officer files statements and official returns. These files are further shared with the regional offices at a higher level.
  3. Their job is to deal with clauses, policymaking, claim authorization, and risk proposals.
  4. The officer also manages claim settlements, insurance policies, and other management.

Probation Period of NIACL Administrative Officer

The probation period of the NIACL Administrative Officer begins from the 1st year. After the completion of the probation period, the candidates receive the allowances and perks. These perks are included in the salary.

If the candidate is not able to complete the probation period due to poor performance or others, they can appeal for an extension. But, the decision totally depends upon the higher authorities of the company.

To get the confirmation of the candidate’s service in the company they need to pass an examination. This examination is called the “Non-Life Licentiate Examination.” The Insurance Institute of India conducts this exam to know if the candidates have any record of indulgence in fraudulent and interdisciplinary activities.

NIACL Administrative Officer Salary 

After being selected as a NIACL Administrative Officer, the candidates sign a bond with the company. The bond mentions the working tenure of 4 years along with the probation period. After the completion of the probation period (1 year), the salary and responsibilities increase.

It is a great opportunity for candidates who want a stable career and appropriate income. The salary break up of the NIACL Administrative Officer is mentioned below-

Particulars Salary Structure 
Basic Salary  Rs. 32,795
Allowances and Incentives Rs. 27000-Rs. 28000
Pay Scale  32795-1610(14)-55335-1745(4)-62315
Total Salary  Rs, 60,000 approximately


In-hand Salary of NIACL Administrative Officer

In the beginning, the basic salary of the Scale-I NIACL Administrative Officer is Rs. 32,795 per month. The total salary will be around Rs. 60,000 pm. However, the pay can differ between Rs. 55,000 to Rs. 60,000 every month in different cities.

Allowances and Perks of NIACL Administrative Officer Salary 

After selection, the candidates receive a basic salary package along with different allowances and perks. The perks and allowances of the NIACL Administrative Officer is listed below-

  • Dearness Allowances– The Dearness Allowance is given to meet up the rising costs of daily life.
  • City Compensatory Allowance– It is given to the employees living in Tier 1 or metropolitan cities to compensate for high expenses.
  • Gratuity– The gratuity is paid to the employees based on their tenure and their last salary.
  • Allowance for House Rent– This allowance is given to employees for their house rent.
  • Travelling Allowances– This allowance is given to compensate the travel expenses to the office It also includes any costs related to travelling for office purposes.
  • Accident Insurance– the NIACL Administrative Officers also get accident insurance along with their salary.
  • Medical Allowances– the NIACL Administrative Officer gets a medical allowance for the fulfillment of medical expenses annually.
  • Pension– After the retirement of the NIACL Administrative Officer, a definite amount is paid to them.


The NIACL Administrative Officer also gets several reimbursements. These reimbursements are used for the vehicle maintenance for official use, briefcase, residence furnishing, newspaper, etc. Moreover, the reimbursements are granted based on the eligibility of the officer.

Carrier Growth of NIACL Administrative Officer

The NIACL AO is segmented into two different positions- Generalist AOs and Specialists AOs. Generalist AOs supervise the assistant. They also have the responsibility of verification of the risk proposals.

There are three posts of specialist officers-

Legal Officer– The designated person holds the responsibility to deal with various legal affairs such as contracts, agreements, etc. All these tasks should be favourable for the company.

Company Secretary– The person in this position makes sure to regulate the rules and other requirements for the company.

Accounts and Finance Officer– This person is assigned to manage and prepare the budget. They also take care of records and maintaining the balance sheet and receipts of the company.

The NIACL Administrative Officer gets various promotions during their career. Factors such as senior certification, exam performance, job performance, and many more define eligibility. The candidates will receive a promotion after three years of service with the company. Furthermore, they also need to appear for an internal exam.

If the results are good, then the candidate gets a promotion and they become Scale II officer of the NIACL AO. Moreover, the offers are also eligible to get promotions in every 5 years of service with the company. Their seniority level also plays a major factor in the promotions and increment in their salary. Along with that, the responsibilities of the officer increases with time.

In conclusion, the job of NIACL Administrative Officer is best to have a stable income and carrier. The above-mentioned information will give you a brief idea about the life of a NIACL as an Administrative Officer.


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