How Jerome Gerodias uses influencer marketing to help celebs and brands gain popularity and profits

Influencer marketing expert Jerome Gerodias recently opened up on how he uses social media platforms to help clients to grow and make profits. He has years of experience in the field.

Social media marketing expert Jerome Gerodias has been associated with the industry for over 7 years now. He is one of the most-sought after consultants and marketing gurus that have changed the lives of many people around the globe. He is heavily invested in the medium of influencer marketing and how it has helped common folks, celebs, brands and more.

Jerome Gerodias opened up on what is the best part of being in his position and said,

“I like the ability to be able to quickly impact so many people. Helping someone make the news can have a huge difference on their business and personal brand. I like to see how how their life changes and how they are able to live the life of their dreams”

He further talked about how he has worked to improve the reach of his clients on social media. He shared, “I use influencer marketing and celebrities to help businesses and personal brands gain notoriety and grow their following by 10’s of thousands in 30 days.

I also help my clients develop a plan to gain leverage and monetize their audience online. I help create a marketing plan based on their needs to help them go in a straight line to their target. Some of my strategies include getting them featured on podcasts, tv interviews & news publications to name a few.

My celebrity consulting business is something truly unique. I help my celebrity clients figure out who they can better serve and then match them with some of my clients to help add fuel to their ideas or business ventures. It creates a win – win situation for everyone.

Having these types of connections open doors a lot faster for my clients. I use innovative marketing strategies to position them as an expert in front of the right audience.”


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