How Kanban Board Helps You Efficiently Manage Your Office Tasks?

If you are working in a company, then at some point in your life, you must have faced a situation where the number of tasks coming in was more significant than the number of tasks going out. And if such a situation continues to exist for a more extended period, then the unfinished tasks keep piling up until you finally give up. 

To step up to the plate, you need to plan. You know you have to give a presentation next week, your boss has asked you to prepare the financial statement by tomorrow and your last week’s performance evaluation is also pending. If you buckle up today, then you can surely trim down the to-do list. 

You finally sit down at your desk, and as you open your email inbox, you see you have a longer list of unfinished tasks than you expected. Many employees deal with such situations daily, and the only way you can get rid of them is by using a Kanban board. You can find out the High-quality guest post sites to take some good backlinks and also rank your website on Google.

In this blog post, we will talk you through how the Kanban board can help you efficiently manage your office tasks. 

The use of Kanban board in managing office task 

Kanban means billboard or a signboard in Japanese, and it is also the place where Kanban board originated. It was Toyota that first came up with the concept of the Kanban board, and later it became a new normal for the whole world. The lean approach method used in the Toyota Production System was designed to reduce waste and improve efficiency, which later became the Kanban method. 

A kanban board is a board through which a user can visualize the work and check the status of every task as well. An adequately designed Kanban board can show the flow of work right from the beginning to the end. Kanban was a lean management tool that has moved from the manufacturing units of firms to the business tables in the last 30 years. 

Follow these steps for creating a Kanban board. 

Select the Kanban board as per your need 

Upon scouring the internet, you will find a wide variety of Kanban boards as Kanban boards are customizable, and everyone uses them according to their needs. Well, you will have to do the same thing and look for something simple as our days are already complex enough. 

Make four columns 

If you are looking forward to making your Kanban board, you can start by creating four columns with straight lines using the sharpie pen and straight edge. These columns should start from the top of your chart paper and go to the bottom. 

After creating the four columns, you have to simply label the columns as ‘To Do,’ ‘In progress,’ and ‘Done.’ There is nothing complex about these terms as you will learn them in the next section. 

Write all the tasks 

Now list down all the new tasks that need to be completed, write them down on the sticky notes and stick them in the ‘To Do’ column. You can even level up the use of the Kanban board x2 by using specific colors of sticky notes for tasks with deadlines and high priority. 

Move tasks through different stages 

Now, move all the tasks you will work on today in the ‘In Progress’ column. You have to move only those tasks in these columns that you will start working on, not that you have planned to work on. The pending column will contain all the tasks that you have worked on but are waiting for something else to be done first to start working on those tasks again. 

Finally, after completing every task, you have to move the sticky notes containing the completed tasks in the ‘Done’ column. The more sticky notes will be in the ‘Done’ column, the better feeling of accomplishment you will get. 

Tips on using the Kanban board 

Use WIP limit 

You can always limit the number of sticky notes that can be kept in the ‘In Progress’ column at once, as this will help you stay practical and never get bogged down. 

Make a habit of checking the Kanban board 

Another important thing that you can do is to make a habit of checking the Kanban board more often. It can be the first thing that you check in the morning as it will set you in motion for the whole day, and you will be able to plan in a much better way.


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