How Long Does It Take to Make a bobblehead?






Creating a bobblehead is not as simple as its looks. Various artists required a lot of time to make a bobblehead that looks like the photo that becomes the base of the figure. It’s a time-consuming job. But professional artists can make it much quicker depending on your requirements.

You might be wrong if you think that the process takes several weeks or months. If you order your product from the right supplier, you will get it done in a week. But this happens only in case when you are willing to pay more for extra fast delivery. However, some factors influence the bobblehead-making procedure. Let’s talk about them in detail.

Complexity affects the required work time:

A Custom Bobblehead required more time than a simpler one. The complexity of your provided sample ensures how long does the manufacturing process take.  It does not include the delivery time, which will add more time to get the product shipped to your door. Therefore, you should understand the bobblehead-making process to get a high-quality product.

Choose the right supplier:

Choose a manufacturing company having lots of artists to work on coming orders. That’s how your order will be handled as quickly as possible. A fast bobblehead delivery does not guarantee a quality product. So be careful while picking a supplier. Always choose the one having experienced enough to handle their business well.

Top suppliers have artists who can make your custom bobblehead as quickly as possible because they have done it many times. When you order items in bulk, that generally required a lot of time to complete.

If you have an event, make sure to place the order some months before. To avoid late deliveries, suppliers will give you custom bobbleheads that are not too polished due to rushed production.

Phases in the manufacturing process:

Custom bobblehead, bobblehead gifts, sports bobbleheads, Baseball bobbleheads, football bobbleheads, and so on, passes through the following manufacturing phases.


Sculpted head: Bobblehead makers sculpt the head that resembles the picture you attached to the order. Once it is done, then send it to clients for approval. At this point, you can request any changes in facial properties, including nose length, mouth, etc. Alterations have been done if necessary free of cost. Once clients approve the item, then manufacturers continue to next.

Body creation: The next phase is body manufacturing that resembles the photo attached with the order. At this point, clients can request to change the position, style, and pose. All the changes will be done if needed without any cost. Once approved, the next phase will be the start.

Complete product: At this stage company will show you the finished product for approval. At this point, the color and clothes can be changed. After approval, your custom bobblehead sends for shipping.

General Bobblehead production process:

Various items are larger pieces or orders in is bulk. Like some 122.95,137.95,152.95, and 179.99 inches, dolls take 4-6 weeks to be done. In contrast, a single doll can be made in a week. Companies usually complete a custom bobblehead in 6-17 days. Then they send photos to clients during production for approval. If any changes are required, requested by recipients, then additional time may be needed to complete the job.

To sum up:

Usually, you can get your personalized bobble doll done in few weeks after placing an order. You can also pay additional charges if you need the orders to be done much quicker. Perhaps the complexity and number of bobbleheads  will affect the order completion rate. Only the right supplier delivers the personalized bobbleheads quickly, and the quality stays the same.

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