How Long Does Shipping From China Take:

The majority of businesses that sell products on eBay use China as a manufacturing source. Shipping times from China to your home can vary based on the product, destination, and shipping method you choose during checkout.

Shipping From China:

Now the question is how long does Shipping from China take? Have you ever been anxious about receiving a shipment from China through standard shipping methods such as China Post/Airmail? Many power sellers on eBay usually offer expedited shipping options with tracking information to customers. It’s always a good idea to ask your seller what method they use for their products before making a purchase if you want it sooner rather than later. In most cases, it takes between four and six weeks from China to the United States or Canada using standard postal methods. You can’t control custom delays once your shipment reaches your country’s border. However, suppose you have an important deadline approaching. In that case, there are some methods that will get your package here much quicker, including FedEx International Priority Mail along with other similar services offered by specific carriers and couriers. Make sure you know which service to choose since prices vary depending upon the product and destination country. Most of these services have a tracking number that you can enter into sites such as USPS Track & Confirm to check your package’s location along its transit route. Although we can’t guarantee how long it will take for your shipment to get from China to the United States or Canada due to factors such as time of year, local customs officers on vacation or working overtime, weather conditions, and general processing times in each country. If you want a product faster rather than slower, then consider paying extra for an expedited shipping method with a tracking number.

Standard Shipping Method From China:

The standard shipping method for all orders is “China Post” (Economy) or “China Post Airmail.” You may also see Standard Flat Rate Shipping or Expedited Shipping options during checkout, depending upon your seller’s preferences.

Keep in mind both of these methods are not trackable online after they leave China. They only show up as “out for delivery” once they arrive at your country’s border/customs office. This means that there’s no way for any third party to track the package except the postal service itself. If you have a specific shipping method in mind, you can always ask your seller to use that method instead.

From our research, we can say that the average China Post Airmail shipment takes approximately four weeks from China to reach the United States or Canada. Some shipments may take up to six weeks if they’re held up at customs. Standard Flat Rate Shipping averages two weeks for most countries, and Expedited Shipping may take one week or less depending on your destination country and local postal service speed.

If you want a product sooner rather than later, I suggest spending more on an expedited shipping option with tracking information, such as FedEx International Priority Mail. However, keep in mind that even these methods cannot control customs delays once they reach your country’s border.


By Himbuy Research The honest truth is that there’s no way of knowing how long it will take for a product to reach you once it leaves China because transit times really depend on local customs and postal services in each country. It may help to know that most shipments from China enter the US before Canada, but this is not always the case with every seller due to factors such as staffing issues and the proximity of your home province.


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