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How Many Types of Hot Water Systems Are There?

If you’re looking for new hot water systems for your home, there’s a good chance you’re overwhelmed by the different options out there! That’s understandable. It can be quite daunting to look at all the options if you’re not sure what they mean, and which one is best for you.

To make it a little easier to figure out which of the hot water systems out there are best for you, we’ve created a quick guide. Here’s what you need to know:

Four Main Types of Hot Water System

The good news is that there are only four main types of hot water systems. These are:

  • Electric heaters
  • Solar heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Heat pump heaters

Each of these types of hot water systems have many different subtypes (like gravity or pressure fed), but there are a few things you can use to determine which one might be the best option for you, such as:

What Kind of Water Heating Do You Want to Use?

The first thing you need to decide when you’re narrowing down your choice of hot water heating system is what kind of fuel you want to use for heating.

Electricity is usually the most convenient, as most homes already have electricity supply – however, it can be quite expensive to run.

Natural gas is another option, but it will probably mean having natural gas tanks on your property to heat your water. If you forget to have them refilled, you could be taking cold showers for a while!

Solar water heaters are great for most parts of Australia, because we get a LOT of sun. However, the panels required to heat the water will change the way your roof looks, and your water won’t be as hot as it might be using other methods.

Finally, there’s heat pumps, which draw heat from the air (which is really quite a cool system!) However, these hot water systems are often large and noisy, and usually have to be installed somewhere in your yard, so they might take up a lot of valuable space!

What Else Should You Consider?

The next thing you should consider when you’re deciding what kind of hot water system to use is whether you want to pay more upfront or later on.

Newer and more high-tech hot water systems like solar and heat pump systems usually cost a little more upfront but cost little or nothing later on.

Electric and gas heaters usually cost less to purchase and install, but there are ongoing costs to account for, which can add up over time!

How Much Space Do You Have?

Another important consideration is how much space you have in your home. Electric and gas systems with large tanks will usually need to be installed inside. Solar systems need a large amount of roof space to generate enough hot water, and heat pump systems take up a lot of space, but it’s usually outdoors.

If you’re unsure which type of hot water system for your home, consider contacting a professional to find out what type of hot water system works best for you. They can help you choose the right type and size for your needs.

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