How much does it cost to learn car driving?

Maybe you just turned 18 and you believe it’s time you learnt how to drive or maybe you are way past 18 and you never considered driving all those years and this time you recently purchased a car of your own and you’d love to drive it yourself sometimes. Whatever your reasons are, in the long run, you’ll have to learn how to drive if you want to drive the car yourself. 

Learning how to drive doesn’t come cheap except you are learning how to drive from a relative. So what if I don’t have a relative around to teach me, how much will it cost to learn how to drive? If you have ever been bothered about such a thought then you should continue reading if you want to know how much it’ll cost you to learn car driving. Side note: the best way to become a safe driver is by taking the Safer Driver Course.

How much do driving lessons cost?

When I say driving lessons, I’m referring to professional driving lessons. The cost of driving lessons usually depends on the school and the location where the training will be carried out. For example, the cost of learning how to drive in the US ranges between $20 – $1000 while in Russia, it ranges between 35000 – 50000 rubles (i.e., $475 – $679).

At this point, you can agree with me that the value changes with the location. I reside in Australia and within Australia, different schools offer these lessons at different costs. To get an average, I conducted a research and in that research, I analyzed hundreds of published driving lesson prices and even went as far as interviewing over 300 driving instructors to determine what learners actually want and how much they should pay for it.

At the end of the research, I discovered that the cost of learning to drive within Australia varies slightly by location but you should be able to find a high-quality driving instructor if you are willing to spend $60 – $75 per hour. The cost written in this article is the average cost for you to learn how to drive. It simply means you can find driving instructors that charge higher or lower. There are some that charge as high as $95 and there are some extremely cheap ones going for as low as $40. It makes one wonder why the huge gap in prices. The reason is simple. There are 5 basic factors that determine the cost of driving lessons in any driving school and these factors are:

  1. General business overhead cost.
  2. Vehicle purchasing, operation and maintenance. 
  3. Employee and driving instructor wages.
  4. Driving instructor training and accreditation. 
  5. Insurance. 

The above factors determine the basic minimum price that’ll be set up by the company. Looking for cheap driving lessons is usually not the way out and that’s because those schools offering cheap driving lessons may have inexperienced drivers and going for expensive driving lessons could also be considered as wasting money except you have properly weighed all the gains you will achieve from the lesson and you are sure it’s worth it.


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