How Much EMS Training Do You Need Every Week


Your mind should control your body and not the other way around.

Obviously, if you haven’t worked out for over a year, you’ll need more training to get used to the normal pace of an intense EMS workout session.

In that case, your body will have more dominance over your mind, and if you force yourself to go on without proper rest, your body may give up soon.

So, you must schedule a proper routine when you will undergo the Wireless EMS Workout Session and once you find out which routine fits you, stick to that.

Let’s find out how much EMS workout you need every week right here.

How Much EMS Training Do You Need Every Week?

If you want to go for a session every week, we think 20 minutes should be enough. Now, you may think that $120-$150 for 20 minutes of workout is too much.

We agree.

But, the benefits you are going to have on your body can’t be measured in monetary units. Moreover, you should always start it slowly. So, 20 minutes of exercise every week should be sufficient.

You’ll have a personal trainer taking care of your physical needs, and your nutritional goals. So, if he recommends you to go overboard with your EMS routine, you can.

Otherwise, 15-20 minutes of exercise every week is enough.

The best part is if you are always on the move, or if you have come back from a rehabilitation center, the time you spend behind an EMS workout is going to be the same.


The personal trainers will make a customized training plan for you so that even if you are not fit or always traveling, you don’t skip the EMS routine for the day/ for the week.

Once you complete the 20 minutes session, you will achieve results faster, and they will be similar to 4 hours of working out in a gym. You can get a mobile device to complete the entire session when you travel. Furthermore, a personal trainer will monitor your health at every step.

So, give EMS training a fair chance!

How Many Sessions Are Recommended In A Week?

This question is valid because EMS training and regular gymming are different from one another.

Since EMS training is more intense, its effectiveness is also much higher than regular exercise patterns.

Experts say, the results you get at a regular gym will be 15%-20% better if you enroll in an EMS club.

Hence, the 20-25 minutes time you spend in an EMS club is equivalent to 2 hours in the gym. So, you have to opt for at least 1 session every week, and if you want to go for a second session, make sure there are at least 4 days of gap between the two.

You may ask why such a big difference?

Well, the electrical currents sent through your muscles are responsible for making your muscles more stressed in such a short timespan. In fact, your deeper muscles can also get affected without any additional weights.

So, 1-2 sessions every week is more than enough.

What Other Exercises Can You Do While You’re On EMS Training?

Many people ask this question because they want to know if other exercises are required in an EMS session.

For example, you may go swimming, jogging, cycling, running, and brisk walking the days when you are at a break from your EMS session.

More than 60% of people spend time in other activities while on EMS training. It keeps their bodies healthy and their minds fresh.

Your muscles need at least 48-72 hours of rest in between two EMS sessions, and that’s why we think it’s a good idea to incorporate other physical activities in your EMS routine.

The Bottom Line

Looking back at this post, we think you should find EMS training easy because it does not require heavy equipment, spending hours after hours in the gym, and there are no strict restrictions on your diet as well.

So, you can opt for an EMS session, and judge it yourself.

Yes, we agree that any EMS center will at least enroll you for a month. So, if you feel like you can’t carry it on because your body is not built for this, you can’t quit.

However, we think you won’t feel this way. Anything needs time to get used to and giving EMS a timeline of a month is a fair bargain.

For further queries, reach us in the comment box.

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