How Much Money Can Be Earned as an Esports Athlete?

If you’re still on the fence about Esports Athlete being a sporting discipline, then you should probably stop living in the past. The Esports industry has been taking bigger and bigger strides towards becoming one of the most popular and mainstream sports entertainment options for fans around the world both young and old.

From stellar tournaments around the world to online platforms offering the chance to bet on Esports the hype is real and in a constant growth spur. With this phenomenon in full force, Esports athletes, or pro gamers as they are more commonly known have become a new kind of sporting celebrities with massive followings and revenue earnings from their job, which again, yes, it’s playing video games competitively for a living.

So how much money can a person make of playing video games professionally? Let’s take a look.

There’s A Lot Of Money To Be Made If You’re Good:

Believe it or not, having a career in Esports, especially as a pro gamer can lead you to live a very hefty and lucrative lifestyle, of course, if you’re good at it. With the constant growth of the popularity of the Esports industry, becoming a professional Esports athlete, or pro gamer, however best you see it can lead to making some serious money.

While for older people, a career in professional video gaming is not really considered a viable work option, the trend to become a pro gamer gains more and more popularity as time goes by. 

On average a pro gamer can earn around $60,000 a year, and while yes, that does not sound quite as appealing for people to leave their day job and jump into de pro gaming wagon.

Take into account that if somebody has the right skill set to become a top of the line gaming pro, they could be looking at a career that can earn them millions of dollars yearly as well as sponsorship deals, prize money, travel perks and a whole other slew of commodities.

How Do Esports Athletes Make Their Money?

Just like with any other job, pro gamers start earning their money the regular way, with a salary. Real professional gamers, who are usually part of teams linked to bigger companies can earn a base salary of around $1,000 to $5,000 dollars per month, depending on the level they’re at and the level of the team they’re in.

These salaries are usually based on the same principles that most regular jobs’ salaries are based on. Pro gamers have to have a proven track record of victories, meaning the more matches and tournaments they win, the higher their value, so the higher the salary.

Some pros’ salaries can go up to $15,000 per month, all that without taking into account tournament prize money, sponsorships and streaming shows, all those the fields where the gamers can end up making some serious money.

When it comes to sponsorship deals, a lot of companies from all walks of life have started to see the true value of entering the pro gaming sponsorship business. Companies who offer products like computer and gaming accessories and energy drinks are usually the most popular sources of sponsorship revenue for por Esports athletes.

It’s of course understood like with any other sponsorship deal that the players will always be required to use the products from said sponsoring companies when playing and when in public. If you ever catch an Esports competition or tournament just look at the gamers, they’ll usually be up to the brim with logos from their sponsors on their uniforms, all this ending up with players earning hefty cash bonuses and other commodities and freebies to make the deal that much sweeter.

Streaming and Tournaments, The Key To Striking Gold:

So just like with any other sporting activity, tournaments are the main source of actual competition available for athletes to show off their skills. In the Esports world that is not the exception whatsoever with video gaming tournaments raking in some very hefty prizes for the victors.

Prizes can range anywhere from $200,000 for a single win to over a million dollars, all to be divided amongst the team members, usually five or six people. There have been tournaments where the prize pool has been upwards of $24 million with the first place winners leaving with a hefty $10 million paycheck for their win.

After the tournament circuits are over and done with, pro gamers usually rely on streaming services to make some extra money in case they still haven’t made plenty yet. Some pros earn an additional $5,000 dollars a month just from streaming their games on platforms like Twitch.

Here, pro gamers can gain thousands of followers who tune in on a daily basis to watch them do what they do best, play video games which ultimately leads to more exposure for the players and their sponsors, which means, yes, even more money. Whoever thought playing video games couldn’t make you rich should definitely rethink kuttyweb.