How My Family Beat the Winter Blues with Scrabble

Scrabble is a game that requires you to use all your vocabulary and spelling skills – good luck to you if you mention the word “sabacc,” without even knowing how to spell it. But many people love games as an opportunity for mental stimulation, possibly delaying their need for pharmaceutical drugs that can come with side effects.

A Look into Scrabble: A Fun Traditional Game

Scrabble is a traditional game that is played for many hours on end. It consists of a board of special letter tiles with squares and lettered pegs and an assortment of letters in various colours. The game takes place over five rounds with the objective being to form various words using the 150 letter words provided. Scrabble word cheat is a fun and easy way to spend time with your family while relieving some winter boredom.

How Learning to Spell Became Easier with My Family’s Game of Scrabble

Throughout the cold winter months, many people are also having trouble finding energy and staying motivated. Located in Kennesaw, GA, my family has some experience in how to keep their mind active- especially during winter. My whole family taught me and my husband about a great game for dispersing brain power called Scrabble. The key is the fact that it becomes easier to spell with someone who knows the words you need help with all around you…

Benefits of Withstanding Winter Barrenness with Our Love of Scrabble

The many benefits of playing Scrabble with our friends and family members in the winter have all kinds of things to offer. Social contact, a conversation that fosters memories, and stress relief are just a few of the reasons why games of Scrabble are so beneficial. More than anything else, though, they allow us to escape what interferes with many people during the winter months–Boredom. As soon as you start a game with your family or friends, you’ll find yourself instantly transported away from your stressful work schedule.”

Kids Games Best Practices

The winter blues aren’t just reserved for adults. Young children are affected by seasonal changes as well. A lack of Vitamin D can cause moodiness, diminished appetite and disrupted sleep patterns. The energizing activity of Scrabble is a great alternative to standard board games while boosting their natural energy levels. Families can develop their kids’ educational opportunities by picking up a Scrabble game or other similar word games for family activities. 

There are so many educational apps and games on the market already, all trendy, that parents should be careful not to waste money and time on simple old-time family games. Experts recommend spending fifteen minutes with your child playing a board game.


We realized one day that there was no point in being sad and gloomy. Scribble is a great game to play with all your family members to help you turn that frown upside down!


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