How PMP Training Noida Help you Grow Professionally?

In order to exist in today’s world, a professional need to be effective and efficient organizations and individuals. Managers have to produce works that are low in cost, high in efficiency and most importantly serve the purpose. As individuals and organizations, employees need to constantly produce, change and reshape in order to realize their mission. However, organizations that achieve this show high performance. They adopt management with projects, programs and portfolios.
PMP training Noida is especially designed for organizations of all sizes (SMEs, Start-ups, Corporate companies, Non-profit organizations):

  • Focusing on works related to your purpose by choosing the right works/projects,
  • Speak the same language with your entire team, customers and end users,
  • It enables you to complete the desired results at the desired time and at the desired cost

Project management reshapes itself according to different sectoral needs in different countries. In addition to learning project management with PMI standards, if you have PMP certificate:

  • You reassure yourself that the “project management” you speak of is the same as anyone else anywhere in the world.
  • PMP training Noida does not just bring a technical perspective to project management. It also sharpens your “soft skills” and “management skills” as a project manager.

Now, the prerequisite of having a PMP in individual employments, and the obligation to employ a project manager with a PMP in consortia and tenders is increasing.

Looking at the world average; PMP certified project managers earn 20% more than non-certified ones.

Organizations implementing project management; It achieves its objectives 2.5 times more successfully than those who do not implement it, and it does so by spending 1/3 of what organizations that do not implement it!

What Does the PMP Training Noida Provide You?

From the birth of the idea of ​​your projects to the presentation of the product or service, to the service after delivery; it develops your technical and managerial skills that will enable you to manage on track, at the most affordable cost, at the most appropriate time and in a way that best meets your needs.

  • It ensures that you and your entire team, your customers, speak the same language.
  • It allows ideas to go to market, not trash.
  • It helps you control your costs, contributes to the continuity of your business with successful projects, happy customers and more business.
  • You can crown what you learned in education with the PMP certificate and increase your potential even more.

Information on Participation in Training

  • The duration of the training is 35 hours. (It provides the prerequisite for the PMP Exam.)
  • Training quota is limited to 15 people.
  • In order to give equal rights to our companies, importance will be given to company diversity.
  • A Certificate of Attendance (as required to apply for the PMP exam) will be issued after the training.
  • Documents related to the training will be shared with the participants.
  • Project management templates and formats are taught in English.
  • Pre-registration applications will be evaluated by the board and a return will be made for final registration.

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