How Pressure Washing Protects Your Home

When it comes to appearance, we all try to present ourselves in the best way possible. Clean clothes and good hygiene are necessary if you want to leave the best first impression on someone. But while all of us try to look presentable all the time, we don’t give that kind of attention to our houses and properties.

And it’s clear to understand why. Cleaning your house and grounds can be an overwhelming project that can cost you a lot of time and money. But does it, really?

Pressure washing has been slowly rising in popularity these past few decades. The popularity increased so much that many homeowners opt to buy their own pressure washer and tackle this task by themselves.

Still, many simply don’t have enough time or money for this kind of DIY project. That is why pressure washing service is such a good idea to consider. It’s not just about keeping your home’s exterior clean; it’s also about protecting your home and real estate. Take a look at how pressure washing can protect your house.

1. Power Washing Keeps Your House Healthy

Many don’t know that those stains on your home’s walls are not just dirt and grime. A big part of what you see and don’t see on your home’s exterior walls is actually mold and mildew, but also algae and moss. Those things can be extremely dangerous for both your health and the wall’s structure.

Mold is actually a fungus that can seep into the wall and come out on the other side. It can cause respiratory issues and also damage the wall’s material greatly. Mildew, while less dangerous, can create discomfort to people with allergies if they are exposed to it for too long. Not to mention that both have a distinctive foul odor if you let them spread all over your home.

Pressure washing can get rid of all these nuisances easily and in most cases pressure washing a house takes just one day. This is the greatest benefit of pressure washing as it can protect both your home and your own health at the same time.

2. Protects Your House from Unnecessary Repairs

Exposed to harsh natural elements, our homes can suffer great damage. If we leave it dirty, all that moss, algae, and grime can seep into the material and compromise the structure of your home’s exterior. So wouldn’t it be better to clean it now, and save your wallet from any unnecessary repairs in the future?

The worst thing about repairing your home is that you can’t just replace one part. If you’ve got a black mold appearing on every four corners of the room, you will need to re-do the entire room by scraping and cleaning the walls, applying the render or plaster again, and painting the walls again.

Such repairs can take days to complete and you may end up spending $4000 on mold remediation. Pressure washing can get rid of this unfortunate scenario by deep washing your walls and saving you from any troublesome repairs.

3. Pressure Washing Helps With Renovations

If you do have a renovation project in mind, the best way to make sure it is done properly is to pressure wash your home before starting your project. Most exterior home renovations imply there will be a lot of re-painting of different materials. Now if you read the paint, sealant, or stain labels, you will find that all of those need to be applied to a clean surface for best results.

With pressure washing, you can prime the surface easily, and even get rid of a thin layer of old paint that can cause you problems if you just repaint them.

4. Pressure Washing Protects the Value of Your Home

A run-down home can not only endanger the homeowner, but it can also be impossible to sell. A neglected house, no matter the design and architecture, will have a lot lower price than a classic but regularly maintained home.

One pressure washing service can not only clean your property thoroughly but also increase its value tremendously. It’s the magic of the perfect first impression that will make any potential buyers fall in love with your house immediately. By pressure washing your property, you can preserve and add to your house’s value, protecting it from a very bleak future.


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