How Roadside Businesses Can Optimize their Advertising Budgets with Window Decals

Traditional marketing tools like window decals are very simple and easy to use. Business owners can tell prospective customers on the road exactly who they are and what they do via their decals. Target customers can share this information with others to encourage word-of-mouth advertising.

We live in an era where the average consumer comes across 6,000 to 10,000 marketing messages and advertisements every day. How can small store owners make their brands stand out for consumers inundated with ads every day? Here’s a guide to optimizing your small store’s marketing strategy using nothing but low-cost window decals 

  • Share Creative Branding Messages: Customer loyalty is scarce. For store owners to survive, they must share creative marketing messages on a consistent basis to lure new customers. Instead of investing time or money into expensive marketing tools, spend more time coming up with creative ideas. Decals are very cost-effective and easy to customize. Custom print new, relevant marketing messages on your decals every two weeks. The more relevant the messages, the more eyes they will draw to your store’s windows.
  • Brand Building in Local Communities: Plain windows mean nothing to the people on the street. On the other hand, stores with colorful, well-designed decals on their windows always pique the curiosity of people passing by. Store owners can turn the heads of every person who walks by their store and build invaluable brand awareness.
  • Promote Discounts: There’s only one thing more eye-catching than well-designed window graphics. Window graphics that feature discount-related information! Window stickers and decals that feature messages like “Huge Sale,” “Last Sale Offer,” etc., always make the public curious. Local shoppers, in particular, are always extra curious about information regarding the latest deals and discounts in their communities. Savvy store owners can easily attract such shoppers to their stores with well-designed decals.
  • Remove, Reuse, and Repeat: Nowadays, it’s very easy to find removable decals with temporary adhesives. Even the decals that are “permanent” are removable and reusable if you use the right tools. The adhesive nature of decals makes many store owners apprehensive about the idea of sticking them on their clean windows. But, decal adhesives don’t cause any damage to their underlying surfaces, even after the decal is peeled off. Use vinyl removal tools like razor blades, squeegees, and hair dryers to peel your decals away from the glass surfaces. Store the vinyl decal in a dark, cold place. To reuse the decals, apply a mixture of water and adhesives to them. Use a hot air gun (or hairdryer) to reapply the vinyl decal on your window gently.
  • Enhance In-Store Privacy: External decals are ideal for ensuring people passing by don’t see everything that happens inside the store. Decorative window graphics and decals give stores the privacy that most shoppers seek. Plus, strong vinyl decals also shield stores from the sun’s bright rays.

Store owners don’t need to take permissions to decorate their windows. That’s why decals are the most cost and time-efficient marketing tools for small business owners.


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