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The traditional tobacco industry is in disarray, but the market for electronic cigarettes is exploding: the number of people who vape in USA surged by 46 percent between 2017 and 2021. 

If it is attracting an increasing number of smokers, this is not only due to the fact that it is less hazardous and more affordable than conventional cigarettes but also due to the fact that businesses are competing in terms of innovation to produce products that are ever more effective.

A falling market for tobacco in the United States

In recent years, the tobacco market has been subject to significant transformations as a direct result of the state’s efforts to lower the number of people who smoke. 

The decline in cigarette sales can be attributed to a number of factors, including the increase in taxation, the introduction of the neutral package in 2022, changes in legislation, and the prohibition of advertising. 

However, this drop only applies to sales at retail tobacco outlets; smuggling and counterfeiting are on the rise. 

This helps to explain why the number of individuals who smoke in the USA  is not going down, despite the fact that less tobacco is being marketed every year: there are still 13 million people who smoke, which is 31.8% of the adult population. 

It is believed that twenty percent of those who use nicotine do so through electronic cigarettes either exclusively or in addition to traditional tobacco products.

The electronic cigarette, a less hazardous replacement for traditional tobacco products

Even though we don’t have the benefit of hindsight to accurately quantify the impact that electronic cigarettes have had on people’s health, most medical professionals agree that they are significantly safer than tobacco. 

Nicotine liquids do not produce vapor that is contaminated with tar or heavy metals when they are vaporized. 

According to the findings of a randomized clinical trial conducted in the UK in 2019, these nicotine replacements are more helpful in helping people give up smoking than conventional nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches and gummies. 

Blu, a brand belonging to the Seita group, with the intention of contributing to the reduction of the number of people who smoke by providing vaping products that are efficient, user-friendly, and adaptable to shifting consumption patterns. 

It is not the goal to generate vapers; rather, the objective is to convert smokers, regardless of their age.

What exactly is a starter kit for electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes have gone a long way since they first came onto the market in the middle of the 2000s. 

Electronic cigarettes can be purchased today in a wide variety of devices, the majority of which fall into one of two families: “mod” type electronic cigarettes or “pod” type electronic cigarettes. Mods are electronic cigarettes that have a format that is typically rather large and are made up of numerous detachable components. 

These components include a battery, a clearomizer that contains a tank and a resistor, and a mouthpiece that is also known as a “drip tip.” “Open circuit” refers to the fact that consumers are responsible for their own battery charging when using these electronic cigarettes.

On the other hand, pods are like closed-circuit versions of traditional cigarettes. They utilize nicotine liquid capsules, which must be replaced once they are depleted of their contents. 

The blu brand is currently the authority on this particular style of electronic cigarette, which can be described as both understated and sophisticated.

How to pick the right starter kit for your electronic cigarette

When selecting an electronic cigarette kit, it is important to take a number of factors into consideration, beginning with how frequently an individual smokes traditional cigarettes. A heavy smoker who is trying to quit smoking will choose a mod that has a lot of power and a tank that can hold a lot of liquid. 

A pod is a convenient option for a light smoker or a smoker who wishes to progressively reduce the amount of tobacco they consume. Pods are very simple to maintain. Other considerations come into play as well, such as cost, battery life, aesthetics, and the kind of vaporizer that is sought. 

When performing direct inhalation, the vapor is taken in through the mouth and into the lungs in one continuous motion; this method calls for somewhat robust gear. Experienced vapers like this method. 

Keeping the vapor in the mouth for a few seconds before exhaling it is an example of indirect inhalation, which causes sensations that are comparable to those produced by smoking tobacco.

Where can you acquire the starter kit for your electronic cigarette?

The market for electronic cigarettes is significantly more splintered than the market for traditional tobacco products. Traditional cigarettes can only be purchased through tobacconists, whereas vaping starter kits can be purchased from a number of different retailers, including tobacconists, specialty stores, and even online. 

Seita has made the decision to entirely rely on the network of tobacconists, who are its initial prescribers, in order to help them spread its Vape shop brand. This decision was made in light of the fact that the cost of tobacco products is currently on the rise. Additionally, it enables blu to enhance the quality of its goods by incorporating the comments and suggestions made by tobacconists and the clients they serve. 

The mission that Seita has set for himself is to make blu the industry standard for closed-system electronic cigarettes. Today, the group generates 10% of its turnover from the Vape shop near me: it is only responsible for 5% of the group’s total revenue.

Find out which electronic cigarette starter kits are the finest.

Innovation is something that can’t be stifled when it comes to electronic cigarettes. Blu is representative of this aim to produce goods that are ever more user-friendly and effective; the company was the first to debut closed-circuit electronic cigarettes in USA in 2018, making it a pioneer in this space. 

It creates sophisticated and understated products that are designed to make the switch from smoking to vaping easier and provide a high level of user comfort. After the success of its first pod, which was given the name myblu, the company has only recently introduced a new generation of electronic cigarettes called blu 2.0. 

The new blu model includes a 400 mah battery that provides tight vapor and ceramic capsules that were created owing to the purlava technology. 

These ceramic capsules allow for greater diffusion of scents and nicotine satiety. The new blu model also has 15% more autonomy than its big sister.

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