How The Actions of Permanent Recruitment Agencies Speak So Profoundly in Their Favour

Businesses are increasingly focusing on outsourcing their tasks so that they can concentrate better on their day-to-day, especially in today’s digital time. Ever since the pandemic, many businesses had learned this lesson the hard way when either their legalities or their other requirements had come in their way of running a business, and they just never considered it an issue before now. Now outsourcing is the key to efficiency. The responsibilities that are outsourced usually tend to give a better outcome than you would’ve gotten had you done that yourself. For instance, ordering out is always better than cooking in, hiring an accountant is always better than doing your own finances, especially when you’re not good at it, and so on…

The recruitment process in a business enterprise is quite essential for its survival in the market. No matter how digital a business can get, human resources can never get outdated or ostracized. But, this whole process can get quite tedious, especially for some smaller companies whose operation is dependent on all hands on deck. They require fresh recruits but don’t necessarily have the time or the funds to do it themselves. For them, a permanent recruitment agency is their last resort, with all things considered. Permanent recruitment agencies help businesses fulfill their human resource requirements and fill up the vacancies in-office. There are a multitude of reasons why hiring a permanent recruitment agent or consultant is the way to go in today’s fast-paced world where results matter more than the process itself.

How Permanent Recruitment Consultants can streamline the recruitment process

There are generally 8 phases involved in the recruitment process of any business:

  1. Identifying hiring needs
  2. Preparing job description
  3. Talent search
  4. Screening and shortlisting
  5. Interviewing
  6. Evaluation of performance
  7. Pushing out the Offer of Employment
  8. Induction of new employee

A permanent recruitment consultant usually takes care of the first 4 phases and then pushes the candidate’s profile forward to the company. After that, the HR of the company interviews them and evaluates their performance. Moreover, some agencies even push out the offer letters to the selected candidates as well as take care of the induction and introduction process.

This way, the companies looking for new employees don’t have to personally test the waters of the market themselves to pick out fishes they like, metaphorically. The final say is obviously reserved with the business, while the recruitment agents accomplish all the hard parts. How a recruitment agency works is they help the companies hire three types of employees:

  1. Permanent employees
  2. Contractual employees
  3. Mass recruits

The employees of the recruitment agencies are HR professionals themselves, so they understand the weightage of every process and give them enough consideration to drive desired results.

The benefits your business can enjoy after hiring a recruitment agency

You don’t even have to get the agency on a retainer or a contract because some agencies charge you a fee only when they bring you a candidate, so it’s a win-win. Now, let’s see some of the benefits you can hope to get after associating with a permanent recruitment consultant.

  • Cost reduction: The companies won’t have to pay to organize job fairs or conduct interviews of too many people after leasing a room in a hotel. Buying additional software is also not necessary after hiring a recruitment agency.
  • It will save time and let the business focus on its day-to-day more: Hiring new employees shouldn’t hamper a going concern’s daily activities, but sometimes it does. Not anymore, if you make the wise choice of hiring an agency, your business will not have to suffer missing deadlines because you have assigned a team or two to find fresh blood in the market.
  • It will give access to a richer pool of applications: Even if a company’s reach or prestige in the market is low, an agency’s reach is always greater. Because of their footing in the market, they will attract experienced applications.

Because of these benefits, permanent recruitment agencies have become quite popular in the corporate world. And it sounds like the prudent choice for any business. In the world, if you’re good at something, you’re sure to produce excellent results. So, some firms who are good at something, how can they ever disappoint, right? That’s why the success rate achieved through these recruitment agents is always entirely satisfactory and, in some cases, beyond satisfactory! And, outsourcing something is always cheaper than what it would’ve cost you had you decided to do it yourself.

Conclusion: End goal of efficiency


There’s a big difference between head-hunters and permanent recruitment agents, but they are working towards the same goal. One functions differently from the other, but it is all done keeping efficiency within eye level to never forget that this is the end goal. Recruitment is a lengthy process that doesn’t necessarily end after contacting potential candidates. These agencies understand their client’s (business) needs, create a job description, and create a budget for those jobs. And, with a bit of input from the company, even conduct the induction process for the selected candidates.

In the pandemic, when most businesses lost their footing in the market, they learned some things the hard way. Focusing on your business is quite crucial, and if something is hampering that or delaying that, it should be avoided altogether. For instance, some businesses require onboarding employees at a short notice for several reasons. In such cases, conducting market research for permanent employees doesn’t seem to be the right move. Every day their position is left vacant, they are bleeding money. Fortunately for them, these recruitment agencies always have a few resumes on deck that these companies can look into. Couldn’t see businesses enjoying this luxury without hiring a recruitment agent. It just seems to be the wise choice to opt for in today’s market, where it has been made certain, time and again, that nothing is set in stone.

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