How the hell didn’t I think of that?

This was the only thing on repeat in my mind when a friend told me about the weighted blanket for kids. I mean how didn’t I connect the dots before? I had a blanket my grandma made in her youth, which I inherited and always wondered why did she make it so heavy and at the same time how was it possible for it to be as comfortable as it was. Sleeping at my grandparents house always meant never waking up during the night, it was almost as if I just closed my eyes for a second and spoof, it was already morning. It was the blanket! All the time, the blanket was the one to blame for being fast asleep halfway during the bedtime story, which was, believe me, really short.

The conclusion hit me right on the spot when this friend of mine kept bragging about the benefits of a weighted blanket for kids and not only them, as it provides constant pressure and temperature, the two components needed for a restful sleep. She had a lot of problems with her toddler, he woke up on an hourly basis, came to their bedroom door and said he was not able to get back to sleep, so he invaded their bed night after night, with legs wrapped around one’s neck and sweet breathing into the face of the other.

She said it was all history since the first night they tried this solution. It worked from day one and seemingly it works for everyone, with no exception, as it answers a basic instinct we all have, some craving for the safety of the mother’s womb, where everything was tight and secure. This is what guarantees its efficiency, the feeling of being hugged really tight, a feeling all beings love.

They say the weighted blanket for kids with removable cover from Hazli does what it promises in style, as it offers a variety of colours for you to choose from. It seems to make things easier for washing up, too, as the minky cover can be safely machine washed. The blanket itself is advertised as being something special, as it is made of 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber, everything designed to prevent beads leakage for a perfect weight distribution. But you know me, I don’t believe anything before checking it out myself. So I ordered it, already halfway convinced, as my early childhood memories were a certain proof of its concept. Although I cannot say my son had serious problems in the sleeping department, things were not remotely perfect and every night was a lottery. This weighted blanket stepped up to its mission and made sure every night was a lucky one. It seems as if it sings or tells the most wonderful stories, as my little one fells asleep right away, with no effort from either of us. Truth be told, I love it! I think they should offer it to all mothers leaving the maternity ward, to prevent them from losing their mind and support the harmony of their home and family.

Like all great discoveries, there are no hidden tricks, it is just a genius idea and a lot of work to make it perfect. And it is by all meands absolutely perfect indeed.


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