How to answer JAMB CBT exam questions and get high scores

Not everyone has knowledge about how to answer JAMB CBT exam questions. Many candidates often prepare adequately for the exam, but still, let themselves down in the end because they are not told how to best handle and answer the JAMB CBT exam questions. In this article, we want to guide you on how to deal with and answer the JAMB CBT exam questions, and to show them outstandingly.

Now, let us continue to see how to deal with and answer JAMB CBT exam questions. For ease of understanding, these points will be broken down into small pieces also you can download jamb cbt practice app by clicking on this highlighted link.

How to answer JAMB CBT exam questions

  1. Read the instructions carefully

To answer any question correctly, you first need to understand the question. Once you are sitting in front of the computer system, you may need to enter your JAMB registration number. You have completed this operation and instructions will be shown to you. Before starting the exam, please make sure that you read through the instructions and clearly understand your requirements. Every instruction given to you by the invigilator and the instructions on your computer screen should be strictly followed.

After you enter your registration number, the detailed information you provided during JAMB registration will be automatically generated and displayed on the screen. These details may include your name, passport, and the subject you are about to write. Before proceeding to answer the questions, please make sure that all these details are correct and match your own details to avoid divulging your results to others. If there is anything wrong, please be sure to notify the invigilator.

Before you choose your option, make sure you understand the question

Don’t simply choose an answer during the Jamb exam. Before choosing an option as an answer, take a few seconds to understand the question. The problem with JAMB can be very difficult. Pay attention to difficult questions with similar answers, especially when using English. Many of the questions you deal with may seem simple and the answers may seem obvious, but in most cases, this is not the case. One rule I want to give you about the JAMB CBT exam is: if the question sounds too simple and the answer looks so simple and clear, look at the question again. I repeat JAMB is very tricky. Therefore, before choosing an answer, please understand the question first or take help from jamb cbt app.

Start with topics you know or are more familiar with

It is always recommended to start with an English essay and then move on to another topic you know best. However, this is not required. You can start with any topic you are more familiar with. The reason you need to start with subjects that you are more familiar with or that you find difficult is that this will help you build the confidence you need to try other subjects that you may not be familiar with, and also help you save time for difficult subjects.

Problems that require more mental work

Obviously, some questions or topics may require more mental work than others, especially those that involve calculations or logical reasoning. Even so, don’t spend unnecessary time answering questions. After you have answered all the questions and you still have time, you can always come back and try any questions you might have skipped. Therefore, if the question seems to take longer than expected, review the options and check if you have enough information from calculations and reasoning to infer the answer.

Try all questions-answer all questions

Whatever you do, try to answer all the questions. This will increase your chances of getting a high score on the exam. Forget about negative marks. In fact, there is no similar content in the JAMB CBT exam. Therefore, whether you are sure of the answer or not, are sure to provide the answer to the question. If you are not sure, please guess logically or follow your intuition or intuition.

Use elimination to make logical guesses

Since it is a multiple-choice question, even if you don’t know the answer to the question, you can still apply the method of elimination. After browsing the available options, if you are well prepared for the exam, you may find that one or two options will never be the correct answer to the question. Eliminate them and use the remaining options.

This is similar to the 50:50 lifeline in the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” TV show, in which the computer removes two wrong options and leaves two options-one is the correct answer and the other is the wrong option.  Remember, instead of staying blank and having no chance at all, it is better to choose and maybe the right one.

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