How To Apply Nail Polish at Home

So there are plenty of personal reasons to attempt to do your nails at home. One of the major reasons a lot of people got into home care is the recent pandemic. In these unpredictable times it’s best we take some time and acquire a few skills of our own while we are at home. Some of the main problems you may run into are;

Nail polish peels off easily

You may not know what design to do

You need practice and tutorials

Not having the right tools

Small Helpful tips

All this can easily be fixed although to be honest some may take a few trial and errors. There are a few things you can do to get ready for that home manicure. We want our nails to last so we should also check with the quality of the things you are using. You should get a nice nail polish and not those super cheap ones that chip easily. Important to buffer the nails a bit with a soft brush this will help with stopping your nail from peeling too easily.

Getting a design is easy but you may get overwhelmed with which one because there are so many heart designs. To narrow down your ideas you can start with the theme of the design. Ask yourself, where are you planning to wear these to? Is it just for home casual day to day wear? Somewhere formal? Is it a seasonal choice?

In certain seasons people like to embrace them by making the design on their nails. Like in winter time for example you may notice more nails with light blue and white ombre with snowflakes. Personally for my winter nails I love Christmas themes and then I transition into regular winter designs. During fall you go for darker shades even in orange, deep red and black. These are popular foundations to go by when coming up with a design. Then you go from there and get yourself decals and nail stickers for some designs that are too complicated.

Practice! This is important, you can’t skip it in order to create nail art like the pros. You will have to learn to have steady hands, clean up your nails to make them look nice when you are done. There are tools and products you can use to help you with this part. They are inexpensive so don’t worry about breaking the bank. When you are done you get on your favorite blog or youtube video for some practice tutorials.

Getting the right tool

On the last tip I mention you will need the right tools and this includes rich nail polish. If you happen to get gel nails you will need a lot more time to dry them. Maybe buy a nail dryer to save some time.

Have your polish remover liquid to help with cleaning those nails, you can use small pieces of cotton balls. These are great to have for cleaning up your nails also before you start.

When all this is done go on a blog website to get some inspiration for designs. These will really help with creating your own or just copying the ones you like.


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