How to Be Handy Around the House: 7 Effective Tips

Want to become handy around the house to save some cash?

Clever tricks and tips can help you speed up the process, keep you orderly, and save you some money. By handling those minor home repairs, you can save and develop self-reliance in the process.

So, here are seven simple tips on how to be handy to help you do speedy and cheap home fixes. 

1. Use Cooking Oil to Get Rid of Sticky label Off

Anyone who’s ever removed a sticker brand off of a container recognizes how annoying the residue can be. Luckily, cooking oil can make it simple to remove that residue.

Use a wad of cotton and cooking oil, scrub the gluey area and allow to sit for a couple of minutes. After the oil has set in, it’ll wipe off easily.

2. Clean Your Paintbrushes Using Vinegar

If you’re about to do some paint job and find out your brushes are stiff with dry paint, boil them with vinegar. Boiling vinegar will break up the pigment and revive the bristles. Although you won’t notice the paint dissolve after the vinegar cools down, the paint will start falling off after you wash them.

3. Plastic Bread Tabs for Marking Cords

If you are unsure which cord goes with what electronic gadget plugged into your socket? Plastic bread tabs are great for marking cables plus they’re strong and can attach to the plugin part of the cord. It will be easier to move your electrical gadgets. 

Check out the wonder winder for an effective and easier way to fix your cords. 

4. Remove Water Stains

You can remove water-tainted ceilings with a blend of 10% bleach and water. Let it stay for a few hours to allow the stain to fade, saving you the trouble of repainting. Be sure to put on safety goggles and safeguard your floors and walls with plastic. 

5. Use Pull-Tab as Photo Frame Hook

If you are about to hang pictures but your sawtooth hangers run out, grab a pop can. Twist and yank the tab until it snaps off, then screw it into your photo frame. Flex the end out a little and hang your photos with ease.

6. Using Organic Products

By using organic products for cleaning, you are helping save the earth clean. For example, you can use white vinegar to:

  • Expel wax build-up
  • Get rid of mildew
  • Deodorize
  • Cut grease
  • Clear certain stains
  • Extract mineral deposits from showerheads
  • Clean and polish chrome
  • Take out stickers from glass, plastic, or wood
  • Whiten grout 
  • Obliterate rust from tools and other items 

You can also use baking soda to clean stains and lemon to freshen bad odors around the house. Organix products are a great way to clean your home, lessen the negative effects on the environment, and eliminate the use of toxic chemicals. 

7. Easy Way to Hammer a Nail 

Hammering a nail might be easy as hitting the nail on the head, but there’s a chance you may hit your finger. To ease your worry of whacking your fingertips, hold the pin with pliers as you hammer. 

If you’re at work with many nails at close range, you can likewise use it as a makeshift straight line. Also, having an essential toolbox will help make things much easier. 

Learn How to Be Handy Around the House

Being handy around the house can help you become creative, though don’t tackle problems if you don’t feel safe doing it. You could always ask the help of handypeople to assist you with the issue.

Want to know more handy tips for your home? Check out the rest of our guides for more information. 


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