How to become a data scientist?






A data scientist uses data to understand and explains different phenomena around data, and this helps companies in making better decision. The data scientist profession has become more common and is in huge demand. Data scientist is responsible for determining the questions, which help determine the answer and often develop predictive models. Data scientists spend more time developing models, using machine learning, and also use incorporating programming language to find and also analyse data. Data science is a professional who specialises in analysing and interpreting data. They involve the use of data science skills which helps companies make better decisions. Interested candidates who wish to become data scientists must enrol in Skill-Lync courses.

Eligibility criteria for becoming a data scientist:

To become a data scientist, one must need to develop strong analytical and mathematical skills. One must also understand and work with the different complex data sets. One must also be able to use software packages and also be familiar with programming languages like Python or R. Data scientist individuals must also avail certificates from online courses.

Pre-requisite for becoming a data scientist:

Becoming a data scientist needs a strong background in mathematics and computer science along with some amount of experience. Let us check some helpful prerequisite that improves the chance of success:

  • One must have a strong background in maths and computer science. One will be working with a large sum of data on a regular basis. It is essential to have a strong foundation in maths and computer science.
  • Data scientists must be able to manipulate and also analyse the huge sum of data sets. It is important to have some experience who are working with large data sets.
  • Machine learning is one of the powerful tools which helps data scientists use predictions from data. One who has experience in these techniques is needed for a data scientist.
  • A data scientist must be able to communicate effectively and have visualisation skills. With strong communication, one can effectively become a data scientist.
  • The field of data science is changing, which means data scientist is willing to continuously learn new method. One of the effective ways to learn how to become a data scientist will help in brushing the skills with top data science courses.

Skills to become a data scientist:

To become a data scientist, one will be able to master skills in different areas.

  • Develop the database knowledge needed to store and analyse data with tools such as Oracle, Database, MySQL, Microsoft, etc.
  • Learn statistics, probability, and mathematical analysis. Statistics involves developing and studying methods for collecting, analysing, interpreting, and checking data. Mathematical analysis is one of the branches which deals with limits and related theories etc.
  • You must master one programming language such as R, Python, etc.
  • One must learn data wrangling, which involves cleaning, manipulating, and organising data.
  • Master the concepts of machine learning. Provide the system with the ability to automatically learn and improve the experience.
  • One must know big data tools such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, etc.


One must enrol in a data science course and have a certificate which is proof for taking a dig in mastering the domain. The knowledge and skills one gain over time helps one stay ahead in the competition.

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