How to Best Care for Your Tree – Learn the Step to Maintain

After you have planted the first tree in your garden, decorated your lawn with bright perennials, sowed grass, the life of your garden begins. Caring for the garden is necessary for its further life, full-fledged growth and development of plants on your site.

Everything in your garden requires care and attention: land, lawn, trees and shrubs. Garden maintenance includes a whole set of activities: fertilization and proper watering, plant processing, pruning, molding, mulching, protective measures.

In fact, timely removal of damaged branches not only gives a neat appearance but also helps in the fight against pests and diseases. So you need regular trimming service to tree care and maintain their exquisite shape. You can order individual maintenance jobs, such as trimming hedges, and comprehensive seasonal programs that include all the necessary operations in the spring, summer and fall.

Choose the right tools:

Each type of equipment and tool has different uses. So, before caring for trees, equipment and tools should be prepared according to their purpose and use. This is to extend the life of the device and preserve different parts of the tree simultaneously.

In addition, the process of purchasing equipment should not be considered cheap alone. Because cheap items may work well only initially but should consider more affordable tools for the quality.

Prune Them Properly:

Pruning your tree is the process that tries to determine the primary production branch to increase yield and facilitate harvesting. You must focus all of them to define the tree’s structure and determine the shape in which it eventually grows. You just need to prune all the branches of the tree to encourage more branches below to sprout.

With this pruning, what we do is select the main branch and produce more fruit. The main gravel should not be too inclined to avoid breakage due to the weight of the fruit.

Pruning mature arbutus is done to maintain the shape and transparent part of the trees interior. In this way, you will improve the passage of air and let the sunlight in. These pruning’s are known as production pruning, and green pruning and re-pruning can be done.

Always get rid of weeds:

If you want your plants to be fertile with succulent stems, fresh green leaves should not leave your garden infested with weeds. Because those weeds will interfere with the growth of trees. It can cause disease in your plants by scrambling for food. So you should regularly inspect and clean the weed.

In addition, some weeds can cause the plant to mold and thereby, they will die. Therefore, you should clean the weed of your plants frequently. It can be preventing harmful insects that will eat the leaves as well.

Water Effectively:

Morning is the most suitable time for watering the tree. This is because watering in the morning will reduce water evaporation. But if you’re not comfy with it, you can switch to watering in the evening instead.

Indeed, the time that should be avoided the most is during the day or when the sun is shining.  Because there will be a sudden change in temperature, which can cause the death of the plant. Also, refrain from watering the plants during the night. Because during this period, it causes humidity, and various diseases can easily follow.

Maintain the quality of the soil:

Soil is the primary source of food for trees. Therefore, the quality of the soil should be maintained at all times. If you want to avoid tiling, you should constantly shovel, water, and clean weeding. Because tiling in the garden will not only interfere with the growth of trees, but it also destroys the soil.

Although it is necessary to do this only when planting trees, but should be done often and regularly to make the soil crumbly. It is suitable for the growth of the tree itself.


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