How to Build a Bluetooth Speaker?






You must have had those moments where you get tired of hearing your phone music through earphones and want it on a speaker instead? But it’s just too much of a hassle to get up to plug your device into a speaker. That’s what Bluetooth speakers are here for. You can connect your device to them from the comfort of your bed and enjoy your music.

Making your own stuff instead of just buying can be rewarding and a nice learning experience. Now you might ask how do I make the best Bluetooth speaker. Here’s how you can build a nice Bluetooth speaker in few simple steps.

Step 1: Gather the Supplies

Firstly, get the needed supplies in one place. You will need a Bluetooth module, car speakers (full range), Amp, 12 voltage power source, Ground Loop Isolator, wire cutters, electrical tape and solder iron.

Step 2: Cut the Power Wire

Both the amp and Bluetooth module require the same amount of power, a single wire can be used for both. For this purpose, cut the 12V power wire near the end.

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Step 3: Plug in Amp and BT Module

Now put the cut wire edges in the terminals on the Amp. And then put the plug in the Bluetooth module.

Step 4: Put Ground Loop Isolator in Middle

Ground Loop Isolator helps with sound quality and prevents the speakers from hissing or buzzing.

Step 5: Join the Wires

GLI may have a number of 3.5mm input, RCAs and bare wires. You will need to solder these wires together which is fairly easy. Put the white channel with white, red with red and ground with the ground.

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Step 6: Join Any Extra Grounds

There may be several grounds. Solder them together and wrap all the wires you have connected and soldered in electrical tape.

Step 7: Connect the GLI with Amp and BT module

Put the stray wires you have soldered together in the amp terminal. Plug the 3.5mm inputs into the BT module.

Step 8: Bring in The Speakers

Put your 4 ohm speakers in front of the setup. Speakers should be full range.

Step 9: Connect the Speakers

Connect wires to the terminals on the speakers and put the other end into the amp’s screw-in terminals joining the two.

Step 10: Test It Out

Now you can turn the power on and connect any Bluetooth device to test your creation. It should be working.

Step 11: Add Volume Knob

This is optional but it will let you control the amp volume ensuring a better experience. The Amp manual will have instructions to install it.

Step 12: Enclose the Setup

Get a wooden box, pick the front apart and carve appropriate sized holes in it for your speakers. Put it back together with speakers in front and the rest of the setup in back.

Step 13: Paint It Pretty

Now that you have got an answer to how do I make the best Bluetooth speaker in a proper physical shape, you might want to make it visually attractive. For that purpose, you can paint the box in bright, appealing colours. You may use a single colour or different colours for alternate sides.

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