How to Build a Catering Business

Generate extra income for your restaurant by hiring experienced waiter staff

Catering can provide extra income for your restaurant 호스트바and helps you overcome the limitations of small restaurants without having a lot of seating. Table turnover is a problem with every restaurant. But it’s even more of a problem for small restaurants. If you develop an existing catering program you can vastly increase your restaurant’s income and profits. According to recent research, the catering business is booming. Income from catering at restaurants is four times higher than income generated from catering at club stores in the Korea.

Depending on your diet you may need some extra equipment, such as a warming table packaging material Table accessories, glasses, tablecloths, napkins, table decorations, and condiments you’ll need a dirty sink and equipment to keep food at a safe temperature during transport or other brand containers. It can help keep food hot or cold for nearby catering.

One of the solutions is to arrange a van or food truck to reheat chilled food on site. A warming device will be necessary to keep food warm during service as a restaurant; you probably already have one of these. Therefore, investment costs are usually not too high.

You can use your staff during the low-end days to handle most of the work. So your wages are reasonable depending on your diet you may arrange a waiter for a fine dining event or buffet-style service. However, there is also a simple catering strategy where customers simply pick up ready-to-eat or chilled food by the customer completely self-service this is a great way to start a catering business without incurring huge expenses. You can expand your business.

Food catering menu development

Sometimes you may accept catering jobs for food that you don’t normally prepare. But your menu should be a model for the type of food you offer. Your regular customers will instantly become potential customers because they already love your food. You should regularly explore creating meals from the ingredients you order. Creating a food menu should not be limited to the promotion of your business. You can create pre-arranged menus for different events such as weddings, banquets, parties, dinners at home, and fundraising

Catering offer package

You can create catering specials that focus on breakfast, brunch, dinner, or appetizers for cocktail parties. These offers don’t have to be wonderful. In fact, casual dining was up 14% in 2014 and fine dining was up 11%.

A typical catering package might include the following concepts:

Food station

This station can present your best-selling appetizers and other menu items in sample sizes dessert tray. This tray may include small pastries, cookies, pralines, and sliced ​​brownies. These desserts are perfect for the holidays. And many dessert items don’t need to be frozen all the time. Local businesses often order these desserts as gifts for their best employees and customers.

Lunch box

These lunch boxes are one of the easiest food items you’ll sell for business meetings and luncheons. Just choose a cold sandwich condiments and plastic wrap A few slices of potatoes are wrapped in plastic and some cold salads like pasta salad, cabbage salad, potato salad, etc. Desserts can be cookies, brownies, or other snacks. These meal boxes can be prepared the day or night before raise and keep in the refrigerator until picked up or delivered. Canned or bottled beverages can be incorporated as an alternative.

Buffet Meal

You can choose from several of your best-selling appetizers and side dishes to prepare your buffet. Organizing a buffet is the most convenient way for your staff to serve people at dining events or fine dining events.

Sandwich Buffet

This is similar to a lunch box. Instead, you’ll serve half a sandwich on a plate. You can mix variety on each plate. Or use separate plates for different sandwiches. It’s best to use separate plates for condiments, sauces, and side dishes like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, avocados, and other sandwiches.


Depending on the reception 호빠알바you may have several options. You may offer fruit and cheese vegetables and salad dressings, snacks, desserts and bars, and drinks. However, you must consult your local alcohol regulations to ensure that you are permitted to host alcoholic beverages for off-site catering.

Sports competitions and occasions

Sporting events are a popular occasion for catering in the United States Trunk parties, playoffs, and Super Bowl parties are everywhere. In Europe, parties may be held at their favorite pubs near the stadium or in private residences where friends and family will come together for a televised sporting event.

Training your employees

Your employees will become your greatest assets if you manage them effectively. Your waitress won’t like a catering event that doesn’t tip. Therefore, you should make the salaried employee responsible for catering. The best policy is to arrange for employees who are tipped and not tipped during off-hours if you want to recruit tipped employees to work in catering. You could try adding necessary tips to your meals or paying bonuses to employees to keep them happy. Disgruntled employees can cause problems if they don’t work catering. Each employee should be trained in Catering Management That’s why creating a food menu with pre-defined offers is so valuable. Each employee can take on food catering tasks immediately to prevent customers from contacting competitor restaurants. Many customers don’t like waiting for estimates and confirmations, so training your staff to prepare them for catering can be a huge plus.

Marketing your catering services

Most of your catering prospects live or work within miles of your restaurant unless you’re offering highly specialized food that’s hard to find. It’s important to market your services on all platforms where you connect with customers so that customers understand that your catering services are an integral part of your business. Catering services at successful restaurants tend to follow the guidelines.


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