How to check KBC lottery numbers online and their eligibility criteria?

KBC means who wants to be a billionaire. It’s a show which deals with the lottery. Every month it is held on the 15th. A person who is interested in taking part in the lottery has to call the KBC office for participation. When he is included in the list he is given a lottery number. After this, he has to wait and check for the winning list.

He can have more information about it from the KBC official website. When the winning list is updated then he has to check for his name in the list. If his name is included in the list, it means that he is one of the winners. Otherwise, he has to wait and try again and again.  A person can also check for the winning list by contacting KBC official website. The list contains the winner’s name, lottery number, and lottery amount.

When a person confirms his winning, the question revolves in his mind: how can he get that amount. He will get 25 lakh or more after winning the lottery. He can get that amount by calling the KBC office then we will be asked to tell him the lottery number. If he is the winner then he will ask for the account number and other details. The lottery amount will be deposited in his account in just 5 to 7 minutes.

Checking for lottery numbers online:

Once a person takes part in the lottery then the only question that arises in his mind is how to check the KBC Lottery Number Check online. He can check for it by using different ways. Two of them are:

  • By contacting the KBC head office.
  • By calling on the KBC contact number.  

When a person wants to check for the winning list he has two possibilities. He can check his name in the winning list online and then forgetting the prize of the lottery he can contact the KBC head office number. The second possibility is that he calls on the KBC contact number and asks them about the KBC lottery number.

Eligibility criteria:

When a person decided to take part in the KBC lucky draw then the first step he has to attain is to have authentic information about it. The world is full of fraud people and websites. So to remain away from such people we have to be careful. We can have correct information about KBC by contacting KBC official website. A person has to fulfill some requirements before taking part in the lottery. These are described below:

  • Age Restriction:  Age is always considered in this show. The people who are above  18 can only take part in this show. So we have to be 18 to take part in this show and earn money by participating in the KBC lucky draw.
  • Nationality: The second requirement of this show is that a participant must be a resident of India. It means we cannot apply to this show if we are not residents of India.

The unique requirement about which people mostly ask is the registration fee. We don’t have to pay any registration fee if we have downloaded the Sony LIV app. The whole registration process would be free for all on it.


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