Gold chains, along with watches and rings, are among the most prominent statement items in men’s jewellery. However, for many, the prospect of selecting and wearing a gold chain is overwhelming.

Which gold chain for men should you select from the vast array of designs? There are several kinds available in our stock, ranging from delicate simple chains to bold statement pieces like a massive rope chain, majestic nawabi chain or plain gold Italian chain.

Choosing and wearing a chain is largely influenced by personal style. If you’re still unclear about your own style, we can assist. This blog article will explore several chains and provide styling advice.


While a hefty chain in yellow gold is perhaps the most luxury option, several other options may be more in line with your taste. If you’re looking for something more subtle, a white gold chain may be a good alternative since it lacks the association with rappers and the grunge music scene. White gold is manufactured by combining pure gold with a white metal such as palladium or nickel, which gives white gold its characteristic, dazzling white appearance. These chains are only accessible through customising. While white chains are less costly, there is a possible disadvantage: they are prone to breaking or denting, and if this occurs, they are challenging to repair.

However, keep in mind that the metal will dictate how the chain will appear, so it’s wise to select a higher-quality piece over a cheaper option. We propose shopping for 22KT gold chain for men to obtain the most fantastic impression. Additionally, this durable metal will remain fashionable for years to come.


The length of a chain is determined by a wide range of parameters, including your height, weight, and personal choice. The 20-22 inches length works nicely for most men when seeking a basic design without a pendant, allowing the chain to sit just below the collar bone. A longer chain is better for a locket or a more elaborate chain since it lets the pendant dangle in the centre of your chest.


Thick chains tend to make a statement, whilst thin chains are more understated and traditional in appearance. There are many various designs of chains to choose from.

Among the many patterns available, the three most popular men’s gold neck chain styles are as follows:

1. Nawabi Gold Chain

If you’re unclear what kind of gold chain to pick for yourself, a Nawabi gold chain is a fantastic place to start. This stunning design combines both style and usefulness. Utilising a Nawabi gold chain ensures that you will get notice. This one, as the name says, has a regal aura. When dressed for an ethnic occasion, this gold chain will complement your ensemble well. These are the most versatile gold chains for guys—the weight and complexity of the design influence the pricing of a Nawabi-patterned gold chain for men. We currently have a limited amount of Nawabi chains in stock but none of them will leave you disappointed.

2. Rope Gold Chain

Men’s rope chain design in gold is often formed from two twisted strands, or wire coils referred to as a double helix. In men’s jewellery, this is a popular chain style that is often relatively thick. A diamond-cut rope chain is a kind of rope chain in which some of the links have flat sections, giving the chain a faceted look. The links are often oval or circular in shape rather than twisted or spiralled together. They are painstakingly attached to the link immediately opposite them. This technique imparts a distinctive gloss to a gents gold chain, instantly turning attention. Make a statement by pairing it with a stylish gold men’s ring.

3 -Rajput Gold Chain

Rajput men have a long history of being recognised for their passion for jewellery. This royal dynasty defines turban adornments, beaded necklaces, glitzy rings, and earrings. During the colonial period, Rajput princes wore livery collars, also known as office chains. Eventually, the styles of Rajput men’s necklaces underwent significant alterations. The new designs are lighter in weight than their predecessors and have a more contemporary aesthetic. Today, everyone may have a gold chain for men in a fresh design reminiscent of Rajputana style.

4. Handmade Chain

Simple gold chains crafted by hand are an ideal alternative for those seeking a unique, customised item. The artists’ particular care and passion are visible in the jewellery they make. Handmade patterns compliment both western and ethnic outfits.

5. Machine Made Chain

These chains are becoming increasingly popular because the cuts and moulds are typically more precise than those produced by hand. Let us pamper you with our large assortment of machine-made simple chain designs, which you will find on our page. We’re willing to wager that you won’t be able to keep them off your body.

6. Indo – Italian Chain

We have an exclusive collection of Indo Italian simple chain designs. Indo Italian chains result from an excellent synthesis of the two nations’ current trends. Our artisans have assured you that this design meets your expectations and appropriately expresses the spirit of its name.


If you have never worn a gold chain before, you may feel a little weird at first. However, once you’ve found the appropriate piece, it will gradually evolve into an accessory that complements your whole look over time. If you are a novice, you may start browsing through Vaibhav Jewellers’ gold chain for men section to pick the perfect gold chain for your needs. You can select the appropriate width, weight, length, and style according to your own liking and needs. For example, you might start with any of the 22K Plain Gold Fancy Short Chains to get a feel for what this jewellery is all about. They have a simple appearance and can be worn regularly to anywhere.

The Vaibhav Jewellers 22K Casting Gold Gents Chain, 22K Plain Gold Handmade Chain, 22K Plain Gold Nawabi Chain, or the 22K Plain Gold Indo Italian Chain; are excellent options for a gold chain expert. There is no need for you to settle for anything less if you love to add a few extra points to your style statement.  Unconventional gold chains that draw attention to yourself and take centre stage aren’t a bad idea if you have the confidence to wear them.


The art of styling a large chain necklace without seeming like you’re attempting to impersonate some of the world’s most famous rappers may be tough to master. You can wear chains in various ways to fit your style, whether you want glitz or something more subtle. A chain worn on top of a tee-shirt or shirt will provide two distinct impacts, both of which will offer character and a personal touch to any outfit. A chain worn below a shirt, on the other hand, would produce a more subtle style.

When you’re wearing a yellow gold chain, try to arrange it against a black or dark coloured shirt for a more sophisticated contrast in colour. If you’re wearing a white gold chain, stick to a conventional colour palette like navy blue, grey, or olive green to get a sophisticated and classy looks.

Finally, layering chains may provide a layer of interest to an otherwise uninteresting ensemble worn every day. We recommend mixing and combining complementing designs to get a contemporary multi-dimensional aesthetic.

Women’s Gold Chains

A gold chain is a staple in every woman’s jewellery collection. There are hundreds of different styles and designs of gold chains available for you to choose from at our store. Whether you want to wear your chain close to your collarbone or add drama to your ensemble by stacking small and long chains, we have a gold chain for women to suit your mood.

When searching for a chain that you want to wear on a daily basis, choose a style that is more durable and sturdy. Pieces for party wear are generally jazzier in nature. As a result, the gold chain for women you choose must be ornate or substantial.

To assist you in making the best decision, we’ve included the most fashionable and ostentatious neckpieces. If you don’t want to live with the regret of purchasing a gold chain that doesn’t match your style, you should be familiar with current fashion trends and styles.

For both men and women, a gold chain can be personalised. Men pick thicker chains, but women prefer a somewhat thinner style. You are entirely free to choose the polar opposite of what we suggest. You will look fantastic in them anyway, so you should make the final option!


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