How to choose best mini rc cars 2021

Are you thinking of giving a present to your little one or are you a fun-loving teenager and searching for something exciting? Is it best to engage yourself instead of using a mobile phone? Then you should go for mini RC cars. As they are best for road racing or hurtling into the house. Moreover, they enhance hand-eye coordination. These mini cars are meant to be playing with speed. So, if you are a speed-lover and want something as fast as a rocket, then look no further and buy an RC car with help of this buying guide. 

Which things to be observed before buying rc cars?

When it comes to buying rc cars, the first thing that clicks to mind is their performance. As rc cars are made for racing so you must need a car that runs faster on all kinds of terrains. The performance depends on the following factors;

Speed:  Make sure that the one rc car you are going to buy can handle the maximum speed. It should remain controllable even with the highest speed too. You actually need a powerful car available in the market.

Tires: What should be considered substantially for better grip? The tires of RC cars are an important factor for stronger grip even on rough terrain. They also minimize spinning. You need to complement tires with your required racing surface.

Durability & Maintenance: Crashes can happen during the race and breaking down of your mini rc car can be so hurt. However, the best remote-controlled cars are those that might be fixed quickly during the race and you may participate again. So always go for the car that doesn’t need maintenance every time just except the usual maintenance. Prepare yourself to maintain it at the hour of need. 

Cost:  It is an important factor too that how much money you are willing to invest in your rc car. Cost depends on the features it offers. Undoubtedly, the more expensive car will be the reliable one.  But it all depends on your budget and the purpose of buying this car. If you need it just for fun, buy the cheap one. 

How much do these rc cars cost?

These cars cost differently depending upon their speed and other features. Well, a model with 30+mph normally costs approximately $300 – $400 and they offer a one-year warranty. But if you don’t want an rc car for racing purposes, and you just need it for fun activities, then rc cars with 15mph will be best suitable for you. They will cost much less than above. They are likely to cost just $100, one may be less than this. However, they will come with shorter warranties of around 3 months only. 

Some of the best RC cars

There is a wide range of rc cars distinct in budget and features, it’s up to you to pick out the best one for you or for your kids depending upon your needs. 

Best rc car for kids – Feiyue FY-15 1/20 scale

Are you hunting for the best toy car for kids? Here you go! Feiyue FY-15 is one of the best rc cars for your kids or to give a gift to a little one on his birthday. It offers 7mph speed. It comes ready to run and is very easy to operate for kids. 

Best cheap RC car – Kyosho Mini-Z

Want to have indoor fun with a remote-controlled car? This is the best one to spend your playtime well. It offers a long battery time. It costs around $200.

Most expensive RC car – Mugen Seiki MTX7

It is quite different from other rc cars. It is powered by a mini combustion engine which makes it super-fast. Its extraordinary performance and high-quality materials define its price, which is around $1000. If money is not an object for you, then you must go for this amazing tiny car. 

Best RC monster truck – Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3

It is powered by a nitro engine and comes with the exception of fuel. That is the best thing about it. It includes huge tires which make it run on rough roads comfortably. 


Mini Rc cars need keen attention to drive them so they are best to promote imagination and awareness skills. Moreover, they also increase fine motor skills in both kids and adults. With the progress in technology, a new rc car is coming into the market with every passing day. Hope you liked our above-mentioned best rc cars and got clear about how to choose one for buying. Every car is best in itself and a great source of fun so just go for the one which suits you. We assure you that you will not regret buying this unlimited fun car. Enjoy racing!


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