How to choose jackets for Harley riding: All-weather guide

Regular jackets don’t provide the necessary protection for motorcycle riding, so motorcyclists need to buy a specialised motorcycle jacket.

Wearing the proper clothing while riding your motorcycle is crucial. Even if you’re only popping out to the shops, you always need to ensure you’re dressed properly, and a motorcycle jacket is an essential piece of riding wear.

Designed to reduce impact from debris and abrasions, a quality motorcycle jacket can provide a layer of protection between you and the ground, or an object, in the case of collision.

Buying a motorcycle jacket

When buying a motorcycle jacket there are a few features to look out for, such as breathability and ventilation as you want the jacket to help you maintain a comfortable body temperature, protective lining and armour, quality zips and internal pockets to store your small personal belongings safely.

Also look for safety features such as reflective strips, as visibility while riding is crucial to your safety. You always want other drivers to be able to see you, especially if riding at night.

Try on a few motorcycle jackets to ensure you get a comfortable fit. You want it to fit snugly, without any loose material that will flap in the wind, but you need to be able to comfortably move and not feel restricted in your movement. Your motorcycle jacket needs to be comfortable to wear while in the riding position and should not ride up.

Different types of motorcycle jackets are suited to different types of riding, including racing jackets, cruiser jackets, sports jackets and adventure touring or dual sport jackets. Consider the type of riding you do and what jacket would be most suitable.

Motorcycle jackets include features not found in regular jackets for motorcycle riding. Seams are often double-stitched to increase strength and reduce the chance of ripping. Adjustable air vents can keep you warm when riding in cold or wet weather, and keep you cool when the sun is beating down.

Riding jacket materials

For many years leather was the go-to material for motorcycle jackets, and it remains a popular choice amongst motorcyclists, however, there are now many options for motorcycle jacket materials.

Leather motorcycle jackets are known for their durability and retain heat well, making them a good choice when riding in colder weather, however, if you’re in warmer areas, wearing leather jackets may not be the most comfortable option.

If you’re riding in the summer, you may want a lighter material that provides more breathability to help you stay cool, while still providing protection.

A textile jacket will still provide you with a protective layer, without being too heavy. High-quality textile materials are abrasion-resistant. Available in a range of styles and colours, many textile motorcycle jackets are designed with airflow ventilation to keep you comfortable.

Make sure your jacket has proper ventilation no matter the material. Some jackets may feature a cooling system and vents, while others have perforated or mesh material that can keep you comfortable when riding in warmer weather.

Wet weather jackets

Riding in the rain is sometimes unavoidable which is why having a waterproof motorcycle jacket is essential.

A waterproof jacket will protect you from the elements, keeping you dry and comfortable during your ride. When buying a waterproof jacket, check the waterproof rating, as some jackets may vary from water-resistant to fully waterproof. A leather jacket is generally the more popular option for riding in the rain, though many textile jackets include water-resistant properties.

Keep in mind that a waterproof jacket should also be treated regularly with waterproofing treatment to retain its waterproof qualities.

Whether you’re planning a long road trip or you commute daily, a waterproof riding jacket is something all motorcyclists should have in their collection.

Motorcycle jackets with armour

The addition of armour when riding your motorcycle provides you with additional protection. Impact-absorbing material that cushions vulnerable body parts in the case of a crash, when buying body armour, it should have a proper safety rating. Armour can vary from full protection or jackets with removable protective inserts.

You can buy motorcycle jackets with in-built armour, often including padding on elbows, shoulders, back and chest. Motorcycle jackets with armour can help provide extra protection in case of impact.

Not all motorcycle jackets have armour built-in, but you can also buy armour separately to wear over or under your jacket.

While it may not be essential, it is good to purchase a good quality motorcycle jacket with armour to increase your safety while on the road.

If you’re looking for quality motorcycle jackets or Harley Davidson for sale, Harley Heaven has everything you need.


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