It is a pity that most people do not take the time to choose the best armchair. They just go and buy one for their bedroom or living room. However, they need to consider some key things before they rush out and buy the first armchair that looks ok. In order to find out how you can choose a suitable armchair for your home, here are some key points that you should look at when choosing an armchair:

Depth :

If you have ever had someone sit on your lap, then you will know just how much depth your chair needs to have in order for it to be comfortable! The total amount of space required between the edge of a piece of furniture and where a person’s bottom is going to be when they are sitting down is known as the depth. An armchair should have a depth of around 46cm (18 inches), but the best way for you to choose the perfect armchair is by trying it out!

Height :

 If you plan to use your armchair in place of other furniture, such as an office desk, you will need to ensure that it is not too high or too low. A good height for an armchair would be 60cm (24 inches).

Width :

 Armchairs should measure between 70-90cm (28-35 inches) in width. It does not matter if your bed measures 3 feet wide; no one wants to get stuck halfway through their chair during the night!

Composition :

Perfect Armchairs can be made from a variety of different materials, such as fabric and leather. The material you choose will depend on your decor or the use you intend to put your armchair through. Nevertheless, the armchair of your choice must be easy to clean and maintain.

Design : 

The first aspect one should consider is the design of the armchair. There are various types of armchairs out there- bar stool type, swivel chair, etc. Depending on the functionality and room available, it is best to decide on a particular type. Once decided, look for other features/ functions that go with your choice. If you are choosing a leather armchair, then make sure that its design goes well with your sofa or living set up. You can choose from wingback to classic single-seater armchairs depending upon your preferences.

Colour & Fabric: 

If you find it informative then read more as the next thing to keep in mind while choosing an armchair is to have a look at the color of the fabric or leather etc. If you plan to keep your armchair in your bedroom, choose either pure white or pastel shades for an elegant appeal. While choosing the perfect shade of brown for your armchair, select one that goes well with other upholstery in your house.


The material used for creating the frame of an armchair matters a lot. The most common materials used nowadays are metal and wood. Wood is usually considered if you are choosing traditional design furniture, while modern designs are made using metal frames. Steel is generally sturdy, whereas aluminum gives an ornamental look but is lightweight; hence easy to move around without having to dismantle it. Wooden armchairs can be well maintained with polish or oil to keep them shining.


The armrests of an armchair are generally designed in the shape of X, which provides ample support. They should be well padded for optimal comfort and ease. Some modern designers today prefer no padding for a structured appeal. Keep in mind the design of the chair before deciding on this aspect. Also, some armchairs have arms that extend all the way to their back, while others may just stop at the armrest, leaving you with enough space to curl up your legs or tuck them underneath.

Aesthetic Appeal: 

To decide whether you like an armchair or not, give it a test run by sitting on it for 5 minutes! This will help you know about the comfort and support the chair will provide before you decide to buy it.


Once you have decided on all the above factors and buying guide, compare prices of various furniture stores and select one that offers a good price for an armchair with the features that suit single-seater your taste and space requirement.


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