How to collect ticket payments online?

Because of the ongoing pandemic, companies around the globe have moved online – including payments and events. Events in person will ultimately come back, and companies will have to adjust to online events till then. You must provide personalized records and payment choices to collect money for an event online, so prospective participants may register simply and receive tickets online

Most organizers who want to sell tickets online directly use the payment gateway link in the event description. But if an organizer has different events, then collecting registration through the payment gateway and google forms becomes a tedious task.

Why choose online ticketing instead of venue ticketing?

  • Confirmation of payment at the moment
  • Contactless ticketing
  • Easy check-in experience
  • Secured payments

Here are some suggested ways to post events & collect payments online.

Create your Event page

For collecting ticketing payments online the first step is to create an event registration page where you can show all the details regarding events that can convince customers to purchase tickets.

The details you should show on the Event page

  • Event name
  • Event description
  • Event timings with timezone
  • Venue details
  • Event poster
  • Call to action
  • Past attendees testimonials

If your event page visitors are convinced with the event, give them the option to book tickets and pay directly and assure your conversion before the event only.

1. Publish your events on the Event ticketing platform

There are several ticketing platforms available on which you can publish your events and manage your registrations. And some of them also provide payment collection facilities where you can connect your payment gateway and directly receive payments in your account at almost zero cost.

Other benefits of choosing a ticketing platform:

  • Registrations management is easy with the ticketing platform
  • Creating multiple tickets and promotional codes on the ticketing platform may increase ticket sales.
  • Directly get payment into your account without any friction.
  • The event management platform provides various promotional tools to maximize ticket sales.

2. Integrate plug-in on your website or Facebook page. 

For example, you can directly sell tickets from your website without any coding complexions by using plugins of ticketing software. 

Integrating plugins can improve the user experience of your website or Facebook page and present your events in a better way. 

3. Connect Payment gateway:

Connect a widely accepted payment gateway with multiple options to pay and pay in various currencies if your event is online. In addition, the easy options in ticketing payment can improve conversion rates.

More people will be willing to register and buy tickets when you provide payment choices for your events, such as PayPal or credit cards. All you need to do is collect money online for the event when people are willing to pay.

You can boost your ticket sales by enlarging your payment options.

It is advisable to post events online and collect payments online with the easy to manage ticketing platform for a boost in ticketing conversion rates.

There are various platforms available but some of them will cost nothing to get started and will provide built-in marketing tools.


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