How to compare cars to choose the best one?

In the current market scenario wherein the latest models of cars are being churned out in great numbers every year, using Orange Book Value (OBV) for car comparison-online becomes easy as well as convenient. These tools are designed to enable side-by-side comparison taking into account various factors such as price, specs, performance, and on-board technology, vehicle size and fuel economy. Using these tools has completely done with away with the need to brush through brochures and when weighing up the options has become so simplified and quick. These comparison websites enable a person to search for anything from towing capacity, vehicle’s measurements or gas mileage in context to a specific vehicle. 

How does car comparison tool works?

In case you are just surfing online to settle your curiosity or are willing to make a serious investment in a new / used car, the car compare websites are the best place to finalise an option. There are plenty of cars listed on these websites which enhances the chances of comparing multiple models simultaneously. 

Perks of researching cars online before an actual purchase 

Using vehicle comparison tool such as OBV or Droom enables the buyers to shortlist 2-3 key options from various models, brands, years, or trim levels to compare and determine what comes out to be the best deal and stands value for money. Since these online car comparison tools have pre-fed findings in easy and comprehensible manner, all the users need to do is refer to this site for best car selection. So, what all information one can fetch by using these automotive research sites?

  • Searching, finding, and comparing new cars listed near your area
  • Reviews on car specifications, features and mileage  
  • Average cost paid for vehicles in in your area
  • Tracking vehicle’s MSRP and invoice prices
  • Refer to vehicle reviews, awards, road tests, car rated as best and worst
  • Track current customer rebate and evaluate dealer incentives
  • Family and vehicle safety statistics
  • Simplified price and true costs 
  • Manufacturer information and reviewed submitted by the customers
  • Accidentals/vehicle history, service cycle, maintenance costs 

Things to compare while conducting car comparison online

As a matter of fact, everyone wants to buy a vehicle that suits the budget as well as their travelling needs. So, it becomes important to carry out detailed research in terms of price, model, mileage and power and other factors that have a direct impact on the functioning of a car. A comparison is thus required without a fail to ensure that the selection leads to the best car deal. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind: 

  • Model: Select a model that you want to buy from the category of sedans, hatchbacks, compact cars, mini-SUVs and SUVs etc.
  • Colours: However largely ignored, it is important to stick to basic colours which also help in retaining its resale value. 
  • Fuel: Select a car that runs on either petrol or diesel that can have a direct impact on one’s budget. Diesel cars are relatively more expensive than petrol versions. Also, the choice extends to other options like CNG and LPG gas.
  • Mileage: This is an important consideration since it impacts the overall term and budgeting of a car and enhances its fuel efficiency. 
  • Engine Technology: Engine type us backed by different technologies and must be considered if that is upgradable as per technological changes. Some of these technologies include iVTEC, CRDi, and iDTEC etc.
  • Seating Capacity: Picking hatchback and sedans cars will offer a seating capacity of 5 whereas SUVs provide 7-person sitting capacity.
  • Power and Torque: Vehicle with good power and torque speaks highly about its service, capacity and performance.

Apart from the above-listed pointers, buyers must also consider comparing cars with respect to other features like central locking, power windows, power steering, antilock braking system, and air conditioner etc. which are yet another set of important specifications to make the right choice.

Conclusion: These tools favour the potential buyers to compare a handful of cars with respect to their specifications, price, safety and other significant featured. This method of car comparison online also enables to get free no-obligation discounted price quotes for models compared. 


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