How to Control Industrial Pollution?

Industrial pollution is a big participant of the overall earth pollution these days. It has been responsible for an array of hazardous effects on the human, animal and plant population as well as the environment and ecosystem. Industries produce and release a lot of waste which is either evaporated into the air or dumped in water or land bodies. This waste can consist of any sorts of toxic gas, harmful liquid or solid substances, dangerous radioactive materials etc and proves to be disastrous for the earth and its population alike.

Although there are measures being taken to try to curb industrial pollution such as plantation, air and water filters, regenerative thermal oxidizers, promotion of biodegradable products, yet the industrial pollution does not seem to be getting under control. There is a need to invent new preventive measures as well as frequent the already existing ones. It might prove fatal for the earth and its inhabitants eventually if this thing is further ignored.

Following are some of the ways how we can manage and speed up these preventive measures to get decent results and get industrial pollution down to non-lethal levels. It may require a significant period of time and consistency but it can be achieved.

Source Control

The foremost and the most obvious method should be controlling and deterring it at the very source. Since big manufacturing companies and factories are the source, we first need to evaluate what can we do to bring the waste levels down in there.

The use of better technology and inventions like thermal oxidizer, better ways and methods of waste disposal, proper training of the employees including manufacturers, operators and cleaners, and the careful choosing of the raw material used are some of the ways that will lead to less toxic waste and industrial pollution.

Site Selection

Another way that the source can be made less involved and complacent in the rising industrial pollution level is the selection of the site where these companies or factories are built. Care should be taken to choose a site away from the densely populated areas so that the toxic effects are not directly felt by the population.

It would also be beneficial to choose a site in an open area around forests or with an abundance of trees because they can naturally keep the air clean. However, ways to protect wildlife from toxic waste should be implemented.


More plantation and greenery will help clean the air, raise oxygen levels and in turn reduce or balance the amount of toxic gases like carbon dioxide and methane etc in the atmosphere, resulting in a decrease in air pollution.

Technology and Inventions

Helpful inventions like air and water filters and regenerative thermal oxidizers should be used to the maximum. Technology like cooling rooms should be installed into factories which allows them to clean and recycle contaminated water.

Biodegradable Products

More biodegradable products should be used and non-biodegradable if essential should be disposed of carefully so it doesn’t harm humans or animals or marine life. Raw materials and formation processes that make biodegradable byproducts and waste should be preferred.

Environment Protection Act

Industries should be held accountable and be required to respect and act on the Environment Protection Act by the government.

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