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Investing in the best technology for your business is a good path to follow. This will help your company to thrive and hit whatever sales goals you’re shooting for. One of the best technological tools that you can utilize is a product configurator.

A product configurator can be used on a few different fronts. We’ll focus on what this type of configuration is and how to create it.

Defining a Product Configurator

Businesses use a product configurator to help assist with selecting options for a product. The hope is that these options will help a configured product to meet the individual needs of your customers. Rather than creating quotes and specifications manually, a product configurator helps to automate this process. Product configurator software also helps to speed up the quoted timeline, eventually getting your configured product into production. The process of configuration provides a business with a speedy, accurate, and growth-filled process.

Customer satisfaction is guaranteed when you go through this configuration process. As a result of adopting an excellent product configurator process, a company can experience increased revenue. This is due to product configuration software bringing streamlined efficiency while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. When you apply product configuration to your website, you’re also allowing your customer to customize their own products.

Providing this customization as a vendor will make your e-commerce portal one that customers will flock to. They’ll be happy with the product because they were able to design it themselves. These configuration engines allow a customer to design an item with their specific preferences in mind.

For example, you might have a customer who wants to design a personalized pair of gym shoes. Using product configurator software will let them apply whatever type of color, design, stitching, and other customization options might be available. Product configuration at the end of the day allows companies to create a streamlined sales process while ensuring customer satisfaction with their customization tools.

Building a Product Configurator

There are a few ways that you can build a product configurator. The first method that you have is via a spreadsheet. These programs are user friendly for meeting a business’s needs. This includes being able to complete certain functions such as analyzing data and running numbers. An Excel program can help to build a configurator option that does the math and keeps track of inventory. This is the most complex that an Excel sheet will get when it comes to functioning as a product configurator.

You can also request that a third party build your product configurator from the ground up. Often, hiring someone else to do a job isn’t such a bad idea. You’re hiring someone who is much more adept at creating product configurator software than you are. This can only help your business’s bottom line. Having a third party also maintain this system over the life of the product configurator is another advantage. These are a few of the ways that you can create a product configurator.

Types of Product Configurators

Now that you know what production configuration entails, there are a few distinct types of product configurators that can be created. One of these includes a 3D cylinder configurator. Using this type of product configurator software, a user can create custom models of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. This product configurator software allows an end-user to create a more 3D representative object. The remarkable thing about this configuration process is that it allows for a certain type of interactivity for a salesperson or an end-user.

Another type of product configurator that can be utilized is a drone configurator. With this configurator option, customers can simulate a drone while also seeing different stats such as thrust-to-weight ratio and flight time of the device. A user can also see the various parts of the drone and make part changes to their drones instantaneously. These are a few of the types of product configurations that are at a customer’s disposal.

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